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Posted 11 months ago

Learningto code is a tricky thing. Today, it seems easy: There are books, video courses, bootcamps, and Stack Overflow. But here's the thing: we keep forgetting what we learn. 

That's what CodeCode Ninja is looking to change. Over the past five years we've built a service that uses a proven spaced repetition algorithm to help developers retain what they learn. Stop forgetting git commands and language syntax, ace job interviews, and obliterate learning curves. 

But here's the thing: we need your help. 

We are looking for a wonderful React developer who is passionate about what we do, and wants to help with a complete rewrite of the service from the ground up. We've started the rewrite, but now it's time to bring you onboard. 

Who we are 

We are Erez and Florian. Between us, we have 21 years of programming experience, and have been working remotely for 17 years. Florian lives in Japan, and Erez lives in Canada. 

We also have a major commercial success under our belt — the ErgoDox EZ ergonomic keyboard and its little sister, the Planck EZ. We are fiercely independent and completely bootstrapped. There are no investors here and no hockey-stick growth curves. Just us, looking to help people make the most of their learning. 

Who you are 

You are obviously a talented developer, as well as someone who enjoys reading if you got all the way here. We don't need you to be a rockstar or an astronaut. We do hope you're a nice person. 

We're looking for someone who's good with React, and preferably also enjoys Rails (not a must), Docker, and modern developer tooling. We want someone to establish a long-term working relationship with; someone who will self-manage and take initiative, but also stay in great communication with us on a daily basis. 

We love people who support open-source (our other products, the ErgoDox EZ and Planck EZ, are open-source hardware). 

You don't need a degree, nor 20 years of experience. In fact, we don't even want to see your resume: We created a simple, fun way for you to apply. Click here to get started