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Posted over 2 years ago

“How about we give 100 GB free cloud storage to our users?”

That’s what we said after we designed and tested our new highly efficient storage that will change the way we store data online. We are a team of 13 working to revolutionize the cloud storage industry forever.

Did we really revolutionize cloud storage?

* More than 17 million users with 20000 new users per day.

* More than 5 million photos viewed per day in our app.

* Revenue has increased 2x since last year

We’d like to think we’re on the right track. :) But lot more to be done.

We’re very Experimentative

36 months after our launch and 473 updates later, we’ve now learnt what truly enables growth.

In our experience of scaling from 0 to 17 million users, we understand that, irrespective of any exceptional development skills, it’s our ability to constantly experiment, fail and iterate the product that creates the true magic.

What’s our next big challenge?

One of our key features in our app that our users love is “My Feed” which is like an Instagram feed for your own photos that helps you rediscover all those precious memories that you never have time to look at. We block all boring stuff, like photos of a bill or the blurry and over-exposes photos and only show you the precious memories.

This feature has been very successful that currently more than 5 million photos are viewed every daywithin My Feed.

But we want to take this experience to the next level. We want to change the user experience from just viewing old pictures to re-living life’s best moments.

For example,

Let’s say, our user has pictures of a concert s/he’s been to last year in our drive. We want to combine those photos with professional images of the same concert from multiple sources, add every little information and detail of that event and make it a complete experience to re-live the moment.

In this product roadmap, we’re also working to include the social elements of connecting friends who shared the moment with us and select the most relevant ads that can lead them to finding similar experiences again.

Our vision is to be best platform in the world to re-experience life’s precious memories.

Skills & Requirements

You have a very minimalistic approach to product development and code duplication keeps you up at night. You strive relentlessly towards the simplest possible solution.

* Proven experience of Android development. Either past employment or open source projects.

* Experience with designer tools like Sketch, Figma, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe XD is a plus

* Degree or equivalent in Computer Science is a plus but not a requirement.

* Previous experience with data driven product development processes (split tests, funnel analysis etc.) is a plus but not a requirement.

* If you have a portfolio to share, that’s a plus but not a requirement

Your typical day? Nah, there’s nothing like that.

We trust you! So, you’ll have huge freedom to set your own daily tasks based on the KPIs we’re focusing on.

Overall no single day would be the same for us. One day you might be creating a split test for a new feature we’ve built and the next day you’re involved with important strategic decisions or advanced code optimizations. If you want to be constantly challenged and build something that has very large impact, then we are waiting to talk to you.

Ok, why should you get in touch with us?

We are an ambitious team awaiting to give you an opportunity of a lifetime to influence the direction of a product used by millions. If you love solving truly large scale problems in an organization with minimal bureaucracy and internal politics then there’s a chair waiting for you.

Together we will deliver the ultimate cloud storage system to our millions of users waiting on the other side. Are you in?

We are constantly meeting amazing developers for this position, so if this intrigues you, apply today and we'll get back to you asap.