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Posted 9 months ago

Android developer

Lookback is a cash flow positive, remote-first, SaaS startup from Stockholm, with headquarters in Palo Alto. We are hiring a senior Android developer to rewrite our Video/WebRTC recording app (and beyond).

We have a functioning Android app, but it needs a full rewrite to:

  • Improve stability. Lookback is known for being rock-solid, and our Android app needs to up the game.
  • Prepare for the future. We have product developments to push into the app further down the line.
  • Great Android “feel”. The app should showcase a strong Android UI experience.

To do this, we need you to have lots of experience in developing Android apps. We like Kotlin and functional reactive programming, but are open to pushing the envelope. We extensively use Video and WebRTC technologies: some experience in that is good, but we also have in-house devs in this area to guide you.

Our Android app works, but our current developer has shifted priorities, hence we want to recruit.

We offer competitive salaries, stock options, a 401(k) with a 4% match, health insurance that is 100% covered by us, and 30 days of vacation per year which we expect you to use.

We have a small but highly competent team of engineers and a hands-off management culture. And we love building tech.

The position will be based remote in Europe or North America.