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Posted 8 months ago

We are a bootstrapped company who managed to live and grow to millions of users over the past three years. We have built great social apps, with more than 3 million sessions a month!\n\n\n# Responsibilities\n You'll focus on developing and maintaining the android side of our apps. \n\n# Requirements\n-Excellent English & Communication skills \n\n-Android (kotlin) development (typically two years of experience) \n\n-problem-solving skills (you will face challenges when millions of users are using your app, so your brilliance is highly valuable :D)\n\n-Experience with version control systems -Github- with good practices like gitflow..etc\n\n-Obsession with UX & performance optimization\n\nNice to Have:\n\n-Experience with WebSocket, WebRTC and streaming apps\n-Mobile design skills and taste\n-Experience with firebase, mobile analytics, and A/B testing\n-Experiance with android jetpack\n-Worked previously on chatting like apps.\n-Familiar with React Native development\n\n \n\n#Location\n- 🌏Worldwide