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Posted 24 days ago

\n\n* Experience building a test-driven, shareable library\n\n* Experience working with Gradle modules\n\n* Experience with RxJava2 and building reactive systems\n\n* Familiarity with modern architectural patterns (MVP, MVI)\n\n* Familiarity with multi-module projects\n\n* Expert in writing custom animations & transitions\n\n* Expert in Networking with a RESTful API\n\n* Expert in Concurrency in regard to Networking\n\n* Experience supporting a fully functional “Offline Mode”\n\n* Expert in Speed and Resource Optimizations using methods like pre-loading and caching \n\n* Expert in debugging Crashlytics reports\n\n* Expert in Profiling Tools\n\n* Expert in version/build release management and distribution through Automation and Custom Build scripts for many schemes and various client recipients.\n\n* Expert writing concise and extremely well structured documented OOP code.\n\n* Expert building modular visual elements that work in multiple screens without repeating code/views.\n\n* Experience with internationalization\n\n* Can produce 100% pixel perfect screens according to high-fidelity mocks.\n\n* A can-do attitude that can hit deadlines without cutting corners.\n\n\n