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Posted 7 months ago

Are You Amazing?\n\nCan you sell ice to Eskimos? Can you sell sand or oil to the Middle East? More importantly, do you value getting better and learning? Looking for an awesome way to make money while pursuing your dreams of travel or learning a language? Our Account Manager position may be for you. This is a B2B Sales opportunity, not B2C.\n\nWe are looking for the person who loves to win and who is going to call and work hard without a lot of oversight. Our goal is to have someone who knows how to sell and is just looking for the right company to partner with. We have a small team, so each member pulling their weight is absolutely critical. Do you have a history of sales and of making quotas? We need A+ reps who are willing to put in the work with joy and a fantastic attitude. We even want to hear about the crazy traveling you are doing when you are not working!! ;-)\n\nWe are a company who encourages hard work and FREEDOM. As the owner, I have spent nearly 4 months out of the country this year. So, we don't care that you are remote and work remote. That is cool. We care if you can call clients, speak perfect English, have goals, be aggressive and have an untapped income. You will get a small base, and be able to make more if you can sell. \n\nAbout Us: Pahoda Image Products is a company that got it's name from a Czech word (pohoda) and it basically means, It's All Good. We sell 3 things - 1) Printer and Copiers services. 2) SEO and Website Services 3) A software program to make quotes for copier dealers. \n\nWe get incoming leads and have lists of people to call. Our challenge has been finding someone reliable for the work, while still giving them the freedom they need. We have you make your own schedule based on USA hours each week, and then you have to keep your schedule. Pay is $12 per hour plus commissions on deals you sell - A copier can add an extra $150 to your pay that month - So, for a person who is good at sales, the MINIMUM amount they make should be over $25 per hour.\n\nIt isn't all about money though, we strongly believe in personal growth, goal setting and living your best life. We are not looking for a corporate body to fill a cubicle - BUT we are also not looking for a free spirit who wants no schedule at all. I think you get the idea. People who are excellent could make $75,000 USD or more, but I like to start off realistic, because an average rep won't make that much. We do not cap your income. It is really up to you how much you need to make. We will work with you to make a plan so you can hit your travel dreams and not go into crazy debt. ;-)\n\nOur main website is\n\n\n\n\n\n# Responsibilities\n You will follow up with sales leads and do cold calling. The role pays a base plus commission. Your role is to be part of the "Money Team" - the team tasked to find the money in the market, we also have an Operations team and a leadership team. We need help with personable people who don't mind making a higher volume of calls and who are excited to have pay tied to their personal performance. You will call through a VoIP connection to USA clients. \n\n# Requirements\n* English\n* Aggressive Attitude\n* Positivity\n* Responsibility\n* Helpful if you know about websites\n* Even more amazing if you have sold copiers in the past\n* We don't care about age, sex, sexual orientation, disabilities, and all that stuff - we just want people who are amazing at what they do! Are you amazing?\n* Would be AWESOME if you have sold to Enterprise and Business accounts. \n \n\n#Salary\n$10,000\n \n\n#Location\n- 🌏Worldwide