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Posted 29 days ago

### Talented back-end developer\nWe're looking for an experienced back-end developer to help take the lead on new projects. We use Django, Postgres and Heroku on most projects but we care more about your talent and willingness to learn than experience with a particular framework.\n\n### Willingness to help out with frontend\nBecause we're a small team working on a wide variety of projects, you’ll have to be comfortable jumping around and learning new skills. You don't have to be a full stack developer, but you do need to be willing to step in and help out on the front-end. We typically work with Vue, React and React Native on the front-end.\n\nExcellent communication skills\nThe best developers are great communicators and teammates, not just great programmers. In this position, you’ll eventually take on the role of project lead. This means you’ll communicate directly with the client to help them make product decisions and manage the project.\n\nAbility to balance trade-offs\nAt Krit, you’ll solve challenging technical problems, but you’ll also help clients to build entirely new businesses. We look for people who can balance trade offs and are excited by the impact on the business as much as the technology. \n\nYou care about testing and documentation\nWe want our clients to be successful long term, so we build everything to be able to hand it off at any point. This means good test coverage, continuous integration, clean documentation and lots of comments. It has the added bonus of making it easier for new team members to get up to speed quickly on projects!\n \n\n#Salary\n$80,000 — $92,000\n\n\n#Location\nUSA

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