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Posted over 1 year ago

Back End Engineer – Python – Remote Work Engineering Platform  United States, United States Online, United States Description Our backend engineers are focused on building a diverse family of scalable and robust micro-services, aimed at a variety of educational audiences. Software engineers work in two-week sprints, maintaining a balance between building new features and maintaining older ones. New features are designed in collaboration with product managers and other teammates. Engineers exchange code reviews with other team members, provide mentorship to junior engineers, and assist QA and Ops in troubleshooting product issues. Our primary backend platform is written in various languages such as Java, Ruby, and Python with Redis, Javascript, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Jenkins and Git manage the deploys. We are working to update the content creation side of the O’Reilly platform focusing on moving to a more robust, updated and uniform set of tools. Focus will be on backend work, but often times you will be called upon for front-end work to augment the backend work. Job Details: This position will evaluate, actively recommend improvements, and code for our content creation management platform utilizing various languages including Java, Ruby, and Python with an eye toward migrating to Python and Django. It’s important to simplify and upgrade the current set of services while writing, maintaining, and transforming the code that supports our content creation. While moving the code and services toward a more modern infrastructure including RESTful API’s, microservices, and container-based systems the position will transform the current systems and processes. Simplification, documentation, performant RESTful API’s, and modern easily deployed services are what we thrive on. About You: We are interested in people who have experience building and supporting web applications with a diverse and engaged user base. We desire candidates who work comfortably in an agile environment and with collaborators who are distributed across multiple time zones. We value colleagues who are helpful, respectful, humble, and always willing to do what’s best for our users. We desire developers who treat automated tests as essential, and believe that code reviews are a crucial path of learning and of sharing knowledge. The women and men of our platform team have taken many traditional and nontraditional paths to the developer profession, and we welcome diverse teams that are bound together by a mutual love of learning. Minimum Qualifications: 2 years of experience developing web applications and services Demonstrated competency with Python and Django Experience building and maintaining RESTful APIs Experience with automated testing and test-driven development Experience with continuous integration tools and a rapid release cycle Experience Bonuses Django-REST-Framework Celery React and Redux PERL Docker Kubernetes Microservice architecture RabbitMQ or similar messaging system Node.js Scrum Ruby on Rails Go