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Posted 3 months ago

Backend engineers build the core of Stripe products, services and APIs in spectacularly robust fashion.

As a platform company powering businesses all over the world, Stripe processes payments, runs marketplaces, and detects fraud, helping entrepreneurs start an internet business from anywhere in the world. Tax Platform provides the core infrastructure for our tax products and is scaling to serve Stripe’s user base, Stripe’s own needs and beyond.

As a backend engineer, you will design and build platforms and services that are configurable and scalable around the globe. You will partner with many functions at Stripe, with the opportunity to both work on infrastructure/platform systems, as well as produce direct user-facing business impact.

We’re looking for people with a background in designing and building config-driven and scalable distributed systems and data pipelines. You’re comfortable dealing with multiple moving pieces and effectively working cross-team and cross-functional collaborations. You’re looking forward to learning new technologies, systems, and problem domains. This role is critical not only for Stripe but for the future of the commercial internet.

You will:
  • Design, build, and maintain large-scale services, job pipelines and systems across Stripe’s engineering teams
  • Work cross-functionally with many teams: Engineering, Product, Technical Operations, Data Science, Finance, Accounting, etc.
  • Work on systems critical to Stripe’s future operation, with impact over billions of dollars of payments volume
  • Deeply understand the plumbing of modern payments and financial technology in many countries
  • Debug production issues across services and multiple levels of the stack
  • Improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes
You may be fit for this role if you:
  • Have delivered production systems of big scale and have experience of maintenance
  • Have experience on distributed systems and SOA
  • Write high quality code. We work mostly in Ruby, Scala, and Java. However, languages can be learned: we care much more about your general engineering skill than knowledge of a particular language or framework
  • Are interested in understanding Stripe’s complex network cost problems
  • Thrive in a collaborative environment involving different stakeholders and subject matter experts
  • Enjoy working with a diverse group of people with different expertise (for example, ¼ of Stripes work in a country that’s different from the one they grew up in)

You’re not expected to have expertise across all of these areas! We have wonderful team members who focus on our customers’ needs and build amazing user experiences, and didn’t work on APIs before joining Stripe.