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Posted 4 months ago

This is a remote position for talented Python developers. You'll work directly with Jetcake clients on a variety of projects. You might find yourself building an API from scratch as the only engineer, or coding specific features while working in a team of developers. What will be constant is the ability to do meaningful work with interesting companies.\n\nWe’ve built and led product development teams at Hotwire, Expedia, OneKingsLane, Jigsaw (acquired by Salesforce), Lyft, among others. Inspired by our eye-opening experiences hiring remote talent, we started Jetcake to connect Silicon Valley companies with software developers, UX/UI designers, product managers around the globe who want to do impactful work.\n\nWhen you join the Jetcake network, you go through in-depth training to show you the ropes of working with product development teams in Silicon Valley. And then we continue to support your professional success with on-going mentorship from our founders and hands-on classes led by internal or external experts.\n\n# Responsibilities\n * Translate requirements into code\n* Provide feedback on technical feasibility of user stories\n* Estimate timelines for implementation\n* Conduct comprehensive testing of the features you develop\n* Participate in software engineering processes such as daily standups, sprint planning, backlog grooming\n* Regularly communicate progress and blockers\n* Contribute actively to code reviews and design reviews \n\n# Requirements\n* A high standard for quality of code and speed/stability of overall system\n* Proficiency in Python 2.7 and higher\n* Experience with a framework such as Django or Flask\n* The ability to think through customer requirements to come up with the most effective way to quickly solve their problems\n* Attention to details\n* Experience shipping production code with full instrumentation: deployment, logging, and monitoring, and documentation\n* Excellent communication skills in verbal and written English\n\nBonus Points for:\n* Bachelor's or higher degree in engineering, computer science or other technical related field. \n\n#Location\n- United States or Canada only