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Posted about 1 month ago

\nScalable Path is looking for a Backend Developer for Real-Time Collaboration App to join the team and work on a client project. This is a remote, full-time position.\n\nCLIENT COMPANY DESCRIPTION:\nThe client is making a platform for real-time collaboration. Imagine Zoom but with an improved user experience and additional features.\n\nDUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:\nYou will be responsible for "owning" the backend development of this highly complex real-time application. You will be responsible for:\n- Making important architectural decisions about the application, hosting, system design, etc.\n- Setting up hosting on AWS or other top-notch provider\n- Selecting a backend code framework\n- Designing a GraphQL API for the frontend React app to consume\n- Integrating with 3rd party APIs like Twilio\n- Collaborating with the Founder and Frontend Developer\n\nThe small team is currently using a Kanban board inside Quip for task tracking and Github for the code repository. The founder is acting as the project manager and will be providing high-level guidance, but you will be expected to ask questions and work independently at times to suggest and implement solutions. Although not absolutely required, a candidate who can also implement frontend features using HTML/CSS/REACT is preferred.\n\nA small subset of the features you'll be implementing on the backend are:\n- Authorization\n- Video/Voice conferencing\n- File sharing\n- Chat\n- Desktop Sharing\n\nOverall, the client is looking for a capable developer who can be relied upon to build the backend of the application in a scalable way. This application has a complex and challenging feature-set, and because it is unlikely that a single individual has experience with all of the necessary technologies, it's important that you are a fast learner are able to research and get up-to-speed quickly with new skills.\n\nRELATIONSHIPS - WHO YOU'LL BE WORKING WITH:\nYou will be working with the Founder and a front end developer who has already been going for a couple of weeks. The client is in the America/New York (-04:00) EDT time zone.\n\nREQUIRED SKILLS:\n- Excellent written and spoken English communication\n- Strong experience with JavaScript or TypeScript on the server (Node.js) or other performant real-time capable language like Go or Rust\n- GraphQL\n- Postgres\n- Docker\n- Ability to set up hosting for the application\n\nDESIRED (NICE-TO-HAVE) SKILLS:\n- React\n- CSS\n- HTML\n- Experience with the Twilio API\n\nSTART DATE:\nAs soon as possible.\n\nEXPECTED CONTRACT DURATION:\n3-6 months or more