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Posted 10 months ago

**We are UBIO and we automate the web.**\nWe are looking for an optimistic and resilient engineer who has developed markedly complex services in Javascript or Typescript. You would have been involved with platforms and services that perform and scale well on the cloud and you also enjoy discussing complex engineering topics. We are a small Engineering team, relying on tools like GitHub and Slack to keep us communicating efficiently. We also rely on architectural principles and guidelines to ensure our colleagues can pick up our work in the future, if necessary.\n\n# Responsibilities\n **Drafting and developing prototypes**\nIf significant unknowns exist or risks need to be reduced, you will frame your thoughts into a prototype doc and develop a prototype in code or research to resolve those. You may need to develop a few prototypes before we can move on to implementation.\n\n**Getting features production ready**\nOnce prototypes are out of the way, you will write tests, refactor and expand on your initial prototypes to get your code ready for deployment. You will base \n\n**Rub virtual shoulders with Product**\nEngineering works very close to our Product function. You will frequently liaise with a product manager to ensure business requirements are current and to realign on delivery expectations.\n\n**Leveraging and evolving our standards**\nWe have defined a handful of standards, including a framework for developing micro-services. We have also defined architecture guidelines to more clearly inform our future. We will count on you to advance those by adhering to them and providing feedback for improvements.\n\n**Avoiding pitfalls and learn from failures**\nYou will bring experience to the team and will help us avoid difficult paths, but you understand that experiencing failures is a building block for success. Your resilience will be key to navigate these situations.\n\n**Communicating your needs clearly and responsibly**\nWith the support of your Lead Engineer, you will be able to state clearly what is needed to deliver features in a timely fashion. You will do that with a good level of written and spoken English.\n\n**Owning Service Lifecycle**\nBe able to debug and provide support for services you ship in all environments.\nBe able to communicate effective metrics for the code you write, be aware of its performance and how we can observe them in-line with SLOs.\n\n**Positively adding to our culture**\nYou have a positive outlook in life and you can also have fun away from technology.\nYou are able to focus on how to overcome obstacles, rather than being overly impeded by limitations and dependencies.\n \n\n# Requirements\n* One or more programming languages (5 years is about right)\n* Server side JavaScript/TypeScript with Node.js\n* Developing applications for the cloud (Google Cloud in our case)\n* Storage: Redis, SQL, MongoDb\n\nIt'd be good if you also had \n\n* Experience with Prometheus and Grafana or other monitoring systems\n* Interest in Serverless functions (Google Cloud Functions) and containers (Google Cloud Run)\n* Exposure to Dependency Injection\n* Experience with micro-services and Message Bus architectures \n* Appetite for Go\n* Exposure to PCI-DSS compliance\n\n \n\n#Salary\nFlexibly around £60k\n \n\n#Location\n- Europe (+/- 3h from GMT)