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Posted almost 2 years ago

About Elevio

Elevio is a SaaS platform that makes it easy to create, deliver and improve help content to drive customer education. Our aim is to allow end users to help themselves so our customers can focus on what they do best.

We're a well-funded and fast-growing startup with over 500 global customers including AccuWeather, TripAdvisor, Atlassian and eBay. We're currently looking for someone to contribute to key parts of our platform and vision.

Working as a backend engineer here will mean your work will load close to a billion times every month, and growing!

As a backend engineer you'll:

  • Design and build REST, GraphQL and gRPC APIs that can handle 500 concurrent requests and beyond

  • Work on streaming data pipelines to handle real-time user interactions

  • Automate deployment pipelines and maintenance tasks to maintain and improve our 99.9% availability

  • Write and fine tune database queries to mine data from half a billion records

  • Use cutting-edge informative retrieval (IR) and natural language processing (NLP) concepts to recommend relevant content

  • Be a part of the team: do code reviews, mentor others, refactor code and share knowledge

  • Help and assist other team members to solve problems either internal or customer facing

What we're looking for:

  • Experience building and maintaining interactive and real-time web applications

  • Experience with, or an interest in, Scala, Elixir and Python

  • Experience with cloud technologies like AWS, GCP or Azure

  • Familiarity with container technologies such as Docker, ECS and Kubernetes

  • Fluency or understanding of database technologies like Postgres, ElasticSearch, DynamoDB, Redis and Redshift

  • Fluency in best-practice software development

  • Experience with automated testing and continuous integration

  • Dedication to not only maintaining but also improving system reliability and performance

  • Strong product sense to contribute back to product improvements

We're looking for someone who not only can get the job done but also challenge the status quo and constantly look for better ways to enhance customer success and also internally within our team.

Bonus points:

  • Working knowledge of PHP

  • Experience with ETL and building data pipelines

  • Knowledge of various API standards such as REST, GraphQL, gRPC and Thrift

  • Experience or interest in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning

  • Fluency or understanding of frontend TypeScript/JavaScript

What you get from us

  • Competitive salary and equity

  • Flexible work options that suit you

  • Direct involvement in determining the direction of the product

  • Time and support for your own learning (e.g. conferences, code camps, workshops, books, etc)

  • Tools you need to get the job done

  • Monthly lunches, always-stocked drinks fridge and a few other nice perks (If you are in Melbourne)

If you're interested, even if you don't tick all the boxes we would love to talk to you!

Elevio is an equal opportunity company dedicated to welcoming applicants from any location, race, age, gender, sexual orientation and socio-economic background.