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Posted over 1 year ago

What would I do at Litmus?We're looking for engineers to help expand our product line, improve our existing products and help build the next generation of Litmus tools.Our backend team builds some of Litmus’ core products like Email Previews and Email Analytics.  We expose these as services to customers both inside and outside Litmus.A typical day for one of our backend engineers would include:Collaborating within our team by participating in scrum activities, regularly checking in with your mentor, attending weekly team meetings, and reviewing pull requestsWriting and refactoring code in one of our backend applications, updating internal and external micro services to expose functionality to internal and external engineers, and wrapping all that work up inside Git.Our system is 75% C# and .NET and 25% whatever we need to get the job done including Android / Java / iOS / Xamarain / AppleScript.  On any given day our engineers might need to hop into any of these platforms to complete their work.Working with our Product team to understand product and marketing goals, and work out a good path to implementing them.Working with customer support to investigate and fix bugs.What is Litmus looking for in a candidate?You have 1-3 years experience working in C#, Java or a similar object oriented language.  We don’t expect you to have experience with everything in our stack - just a willingness to learn and develop your skill set.You have good communication skills. As a distributed team, it’s important that we're able to understand each other, through text or the spoken word, and talk at the appropriate level of abstraction. You communicate clearly and with empathy.   You’re comfortable discussing refactoring options with a developer or working support to solve a customer issue.You write clean, thoughtful code.  You aspire to do things the right way.  You understand it's not only important that something "works".  You value readable, testable code above clever hacks. You're not just writing code for you but for your team.You are eager to collaborate, learn and teach. Our Engineering team is friendly and supportive of each other. We look for opportunities to learn from each other’s experiences.Why should I choose Litmus?We offer everything you'd expect from a financially successful and profitable startup, and we've been going strong for ten years.Great salary and stock options, comprehensive health care benefits, and a generous retirement plan match.28 days of paid vacation—that’s on top of team retreats and public holidays.Remote-friendly culture. No matter where you are, you'll feel connected to the team. Over half of our employees work remotely.  Your work experience is just as exciting, entertaining, and engaging wherever you choose to work from.Family friendly. Flexible schedules along with generous maternity and paternity policies.Fantastic professional training to keep your skills sharp.The best tools and technology money can buy. Top of the line hardware, software, and whatever else you need to be awesome.It’s the company you keep. The people at Litmus are truly amazing, each in their own way. With outstanding profitable growth and the trust of more than 250,000 marketers you know you’re part of a winning team.