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Posted over 1 year ago

Backend Engineer Los Angeles, CA / remote accepted Build and maintain the data structures that power Lumi About Lumi Lumi helps ecommerce brands produce memorable and sustainable packaging through our online platform and worldwide network of factories. Tens of millions of packages are being shipped every year with Lumi products. By joining Lumi you will have a front row seat to the rapidly changing way people buy things, and the supply chain behind everything that gets shipped to your doorstep. Learn more About the role Are you ready to build and maintain an extensive database for a high-growth startup? Lumi is looking for a Data Engineer who can manage the design and implementation of a highly structured database of information relating to every facet of our business. Your primary goal will be to keep our database up and running smoothly 24/7, allowing for a seamless flow of information throughout the company. You will be responsible for the optimization of our data management, the preparation of data for queries and reports, the documentation and enforcement of policies, procedures, and standards, and the implementation of best-practices across the organization. You’ll work closely with the development team to ensure correctness from the data storage layer all the way to the front-end, and also with the rest of the Lumi team to gather requirements for data storage and reporting. Responsibilities Build and maintain our database schema Apply best practices for optimization, backup and recovery, documentation and testing Minimize database downtime and manage parameters for quick queries Define a strategy for making data easily available for reporting and business intelligence Work to ensure data security, privacy, and integrity Monitor database performance and respond to performance regressions Investigate new technologies which can improve our database solutions Qualifications Proficiency with Postgres Experience with Haskell or a similar strongly-typed functional programming language, or the eagerness to learn Excellent knowledge of data backup, recovery, security and integrity Experience managing databases on AWS Experience building data pipelines for business intelligence Some experience with Tableau Server and Salesforce is a plus Benefits Stock options Competitive salary Paid time off Healthcare plan SIMPLE IRA retirement plan Laptop or desktop computer Company events and happy hours What we look for Our team is made up of people from diverse backgrounds, often working remotely across the world. We believe cross-pollination is one of the best ways to foster community and new ideas. For that reason we encourage people from all backgrounds to apply to any of our positions. Creating a great environment for everyone on the team is something we care deeply about. There are a few qualities we look for in anyone joining Lumi. Here are some of the questions we’ll be asking ourselves when reviewing your application: Curiosity: Your role will evolve as time goes on. Do you have an eagerness to learn new skills, adapt to new situations and get out of your comfort zone? Communication: Whether it is in written or spoken form, are you able to communicate clearly and concisely with others? Empathy: Do you collaborate well with others? How do you deal with disagreements? Do you relate to the challenges we seek to solve for our customers? Work ethic: Do you have a can-do attitude? In the ever-moving world of logistics, will you do your best to not keep others waiting? Can we rely on you to bring rigor and enthusiasm necessary to your work? Good taste: Are you attentive to details? Do you care about creating an elegant, pleasant experience for customers and those around you? Note that due to the volume of applications we are not able to reply to everyone. Rest assured, we do read every application. Thanks for considering us!