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Posted 2 months ago

Remotesome helps experienced engineers get full-time remote jobs at companies who hire remotely. We have 2 open positions for Backend developers with Javascript experience.\n\n**Why Remotesome?**\n\n* Companies will reach out to you and not the other way around\n* Compensation requirements are transparent upfront\n* One application, access to multiple companies\n* If we see you are fit for the company, we will connect you in less than 24 hours and get you on an interview\n* 1 in 4 engineers interviewed by a company gets hired\n* We do one! vetting process which gets you access to multiple companies\n* You stay in the talent pool seen by companies until you get a job\n* Completely free for developers\n\n**Requirements**\n\n* 3-5 years experience developing data-driven web server applications in a variety of environments and languages \n* Proficiency in Javascript and Node.js is a must. Experience with additional frameworks and technologies is a bonus.\n* Working with Typescript is a bonus\n\n*Bonus*\nYour experience includes some or all of the following:\n○ building APIs as part of a team working with front-end developers\n○ ecommerce solutions, specifically any experience creating Shopify Apps or\nintegrations\n○ architecting, implementing, maintaining and operating distributed cloud-based\napplications, especially on Amazon AWS\n\n**Benefits**\n\n* After passing Remotesome's screening process, you will be seen by multiple companies across NA and EU with some of them including leading companies in their industry\n* You will set your job preferences and salary expectations upfront\n* You decide with which client or company you want to work with\n* No need for cover letters\n* Compensation agreement upfront, salary expectations are transparent from the start\n\n**Salary**\n$70,000 — $100,000\n\nLocation\nCanada primarily, USA or Latam are also an option \n\n#Salary\n$80,000 — $100,000\n\n\n#Location\nCanada (Big Plus), Alternatively USA

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