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Posted over 1 year ago

**Here's what you can expect from us:**

* The opportunity to build your codebase from scratch and help define a new product category
* Learn from a team of ambitious, senior, managers
* Senior technical positions available (Director / CTO) on demonstration of value
* Trust and speed, no need to demonstrate for days, just do it
* Transparency, business metrics discussed openly
* Family friendly, be efficient don’t work crazy hours
* Realistic lifestyle and low cost of living
* Well-capitalized with 3 years of strong customer traction and momentum

You’re a senior **Backend Developer** in Canada 🍁 or the US 🗽.

[We’re]( a independently driven, diverse team who love technology. We’re building a web-based virtual reality enterprise training product and CMS.

We’ll rely on you to bring your backend engineering expertise to the table, especially when it comes to leveraging AWS technology to manage content in the cloud and connect users in real-time.

We're starting from scratch and trust your expertise. We'll rely on you to plan, develop and implement reliable client-server systems for data in the cloud. Your code will contribute to the services and APIs that power real-time reporting and dashboards.

We’re looking for someone with a strong software development background of bringing web applications to life. This is not a junior position, impostor syndrome aside if you ship solid work, you have the experience we’re looking for!

# Responsibilities
* Plan our database and client-server architecture
* Start a brand new code base so it's clean, fully automated and bug-free
* Take care of your application in production: deploy, monitor, maintain
* Work with a front-end developer, designer and business team towards a minimum viable product
* Speak with our customers directly about once a month
* Set the technical directions + standards for your team

# Requirements
* 3+ years of experience shipping commercial cloud applications using AWS or similar
* Strong expertise with at least one of these technologies:
* Rails (Ruby)
* Django (Python)
* Node.js (JavaScript)
* MongoDB (JavaScript)
* Laravel (PHP)
* Postgres (SQL)
* Firebase (Java, JavaScript, Node.Js)
* Experience optimizing database throughput
* Good knowledge of API concepts and architectures
* Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or related discipline beneficial but not required
* Experience in microservice a big plus
* Track record as a self starter and efficient management of own time and work
* An interest in virtual and augmented reality