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Posted almost 2 years ago

Toptal is one of the most innovative and rapidly expanding tech start-ups from Silicon Valley. Our platform is the fastest growing network of top talent and companies in the history of the Internet — connecting thousands of elite engineers all over the world with companies who want to utilize their skills on their most urgent initiatives. Toptal has become the #1 choice for leading companies requiring top-tier engineering talent and for the top 3% of software developers and engineers looking for their next challenge. We are looking for an experienced and passionate engineers experienced with blockchain technologies including Hyperledger family, R3 Corda, Multichain, Ethereum (Solidity), and Stratis. To excel in this role, you must have a strong understanding of at least one fundamental blockchain technology as well as underlying technical knowledge in areas like cryptography and distributed systems. This position will require you to work on products that are in various stages of development and with cross-functional teams, including web and mobile developers, designers, and product managers.Benefits: Freedom to choose your own schedule and choose from a variety of hourly, part-time, and full-time projects. The ability to work from wherever you want. Whether you prefer traveling and working from exotic beaches or spending time with your family and working from home, the choice is yours. Access to a thriving, collaborative community of talented peers. Invitations to many Toptal events around the world, including dinners, tech talks, conferences, and more. Extremely competitive compensation. Responsibilities: Develop, test and deploy Smart Contract applications. Maintain existing blockchain implementations and adjust them according to client needs. Ensure programmatic and network security of the implemented systems. Develop monitoring tools that provide visual representation of the tool’s usage. Analyze system performance and devise solutions for bottlenecks and other issues. Make sure all systems have a highly secure and up-to-date configuration. Work with other developers on troubleshooting and bug investigation. Requirements: Ability to learn and use a wide array of open-source technologies and tools. Intimate experience with writing highly secure software on at least one smart contract platform. Strong knowledge of the fundamental blockchain technology. Technical knowledge of at least one public or private blockchain system. Knowledge of source control management systems (git). Strong understanding of security principles and networking. Ability to work on large multi-team projects with a high level of independence. Be open to receiving feedback.