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Posted 7 months ago

Please submit Github or other repo for relevant code and projects.

Location: Auckland, New Zealand or Remote

About Laminar:

A developer-centric company, flexible hours and location, cutting-edge technology with endless learning & development opportunities, doing meaningful work, and having lots of fun while doing it.

What We Do:

Laminar builds decentralized finance protocols for blockchains. We are in a unique position to bridge the users and players in both mainstream finance and the blockchain world, to enable more open, more inclusive, more secure and better finance experience of the future. Laminar has a small but growing team of developers dedicated to building blockchain applications using Substrate and other blockchain technologies.

What We Have Achieved:

Laminar is only a few months old. We have secured comfortable seed funding and is backed by financial institutes. We have launched our testnet trading platform on Ethereum and exhibited at the world's largest Fintech tradeshow in Singapore. We received a grant from the Web3 foundation and is an ecosystem partner of W3F and Polkadot. It's a great opportunity to join a fast-growing start-up at an early stage 

Who You Will Be Working With:

Our team not only have the most influential Substrate contributor and course lecturer, but also iTunes awarded app developers, part-time artist, competitive CS player, snowboarding coach, and marathon runner. Let's do cool shit and make a difference.

About the Role & Responsibilities:

As a Blockchain Engineer,

1. Build Substrate-based blockchain projects

2. Provide technical support and hands-on guidance on these projects to users, external teams and communities

3. Evangelize our products and technologies to developer communities


1. Familiar with blockchain & decentralized application concepts

2. Familiar with common data structure and crypto algorithms

3. Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills

4. Ability to work autonomously and proactively

5. Experience with participate open source projects


1. Familiar with Substrate

2. Experience with the Rust programming language

3. Senior-level C++ development experience

4. Experience with Solidity smart contract development

5. Experience with blockchain and building decentralized applications

Please submit Github or other repo for relevant code and projects.