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Posted 8 months ago

Bookkeeping Team Captain



The mission of MuseMinded ( is to help automate (as much as currently possible) the bookkeeping process for Amazon sellers and more than that: we want to help them turn accounting into a strategic strength for their business, not just an afterthought to file taxes.

We already have a great virtual team and company, and we’re looking for an experienced bookkeeper with great leadership qualities to come be a co-captain for our bookkeeping operations.

Day to day tasks will include setting up accounting systems for new clients, completing our monthly bookkeeping process for ongoing clients, and most importantly interfacing with clients on email, phone, and video calls.


During the interview process, we will test to ensure you have a good understanding of basic accounting principles, but by far the most important requirement for us is the type of person you are. To thrive in our work culture, these are the non-negotiable traits each team member must exhibit:

  • SERVICE-ORIENTED You can communicate in a professional way with clients, but more importantly you genuinely care about people and want good things to come their way.
  • RELIABLE You are the most reliable person that you know. You follow through on commitment without fail.
  • GROWTH-MINDED You are always learning, reading books, and making small or big adjustments to improve your life.
  • TAKES INITIATIVE When you see something is broker or out of place, you go out of your way to make fix it. You don’t necessarily need someone to tell you what to do and when. You find things that need done and do them.
  • TECH SAVVY Working with a computer is second nature to you. You pick up new apps and technologies effortlessly.

Experience with the following is also highly valued:

  • Xero accounting system
  • Google Apps (Docs & particularly Google Sheets)
  • Slack
  • Working in a virtual environment


This position is full time, averaging between 30 to 40 hours per week. You will set your own schedule, but we expect that you will be available during large parts of our normal working hours (9 – 5 pm ET).

The starting pay rate will be based on experience, with an expected range between $20 – $25 per hour (salaried at 40 hours per week).

For the full list of benefits please view the job overview video at the beginning of our online interview process.

NOTE: This is a position for someone looking to become a long-term member of our team.