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Posted 9 months ago

Job description

We're hiring a Business Development Manager to join us either remotely from US (preferably California), from Dublin, London or Amsterdam, or in our headquarters in Budapest, Hungary. 

Hi there, business development manager

Our step library currently features 200+ integrations that allow developers to string together services to build, test and distribute their applications. At Bitrise, your main mission will be accelerating the growth of that library. Your metrics are new users acquired by comarketing, new step usage and total number of available steps. They are your guiding light as you dive into the world of mobile app development, developers and the technology they use.

You’ll find, support and collaborate with companies that have created technology or services that mobile developers love. You’ll use your keen analytical mind to assess potential additions to our library of third-party integrations, tap into your storytelling experience to explain why being a part of this library will be of immense benefit and use your people skills to build relationships based on co-marketing, sharing of insights and a joint desire to help mobile developers build better apps.

Even though you don’t need to have any direct development experience and you won’t be required to build applications yourself, you will need to have (or gain) an understanding of the services and tools (mobile) developers use and why. As such, affinity with technology is a must and experience with developers is a big plus.

Why get onboard the Bitrise rocket?

Bitrise is going places. Literally. After being part of Y-Combinator in '17 we came back to Budapest and built the definitive continuous integration and delivery platform for mobile app developers. Now, with countless mobile unicorns, Fortune 500 companies and top app developers using Bitrise, we're expanding into new markets across the globe and are growing faster than ever.

We're not just here to make developer's lives easier, but we're fundamentally changing the mobile app development process. For the better.


What you'll actually be doing

  • Speak to - and build relationships with - mobile app development technology providers around the world;

  • Identify new business opportunities and come to mutually beneficial arrangements with third party vendors;

  • Act as non-technical onboarding support for new partners and connect them to your engineering counterparts when necessary;

  • Participate in - and contribute to - broader Bitrise growth efforts, leveraging your knowledge and experience as a business development manager;

  • Work closely with our content team (responsible for announcing new integrations), our digital UA team (responsible for the step library as a user acquisition channel) and the rest of the growth team in our efforts to grow the size and impact of the Bitrise step library.