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Posted over 1 year ago

# Catenda

Catenda is a Norwegian startup company that started as a spin-off from SINTEF Building and Infrastructure, looking at why productivity in the construction industry had remained unchanged for so many decades.

We believe in making information more available through open standards, from inception, through planning, design and construction onto the maintenance of a building. We believe we can make the industry more data-driven, with less waste and greater transparency along the way. Thereby making the planet a better place as well.

We work distributed, synchronously, often sharing screens remotely to work collaboratively. Catenda has offices in Oslo and Bergen, but also have contributors remotely working on compatible timezones.

Our solution, Bimsync, is a cloud-based collaboration platform where construction information comes alive, through the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM). Many companies across the world are now using our product to build airports, hospitals, stadiums, homes and roads amongst many other things.

Our technology stack runs on Amazon with AWS, using the most appropriate technology for the problem at hand. Most of our stack runs in Java and Javascript (we also have some code in C++ and some experiments with RUST).

Our cloud services run on a variety of databases: MongoDB, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

# Role

We are looking for a passionate Cloud Operations Engineer that wants to automate all steps in our production process. The main responsibility for this role is defining and owning the Cloud Operations function at Catenda, by improving the infrastructure and being proactive to prepare for the next growth peak.

We want to automate our infrastructure as much as possible in order to focus on innovating on our product. In this role we believe that coding skills is a requirement to be able to code the infrastructure and avoid manual intervention.

Our next challenges as a platform include using more serverless, managed databases and make it easier to replicate our system in different locations. Taking the lead and architecture this plan will also be a main focus of this role.

In this role you will be working within the tech team together with product, management and customer success in order to make sure that all our systems are operational and meeting our agreed quality of service.

# Responsibilities
* Be the go-to person for Cloud Operations and infrastructure in Catenda
* Plan and own the infrastructure part of the technical roadmap
* Support and follow-up on DevOps on-call process
* Automate and monitor all steps from deployment to production
* Work with development team to fix infrastructure issues

# Requirements
* Work experience as a Cloud Operations Engineer or similar software engineering role
* Good knowledge of one scripting language
* Working knowledge of databases and SQL
* Good understanding of cloud environments (preferably Amazon)
* Proactive in solving problems together
* Bachelor in Computer Science, Engineering or relevant field