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Posted over 1 year ago is looking for a cloud software engineer with a focus on building internal tooling.

We want people who are passionate, open, multicultural, friendly, humble and smart to join us and help this fast-growing, award-winning company to revolutionize the tech industry.

This is a remote position and occasional travel to cool places around the world like Paris, Barcelona, and the Carribean (just to name a few), may be required.

The heart of the mission is to make working for the most enjoyable experience possible by creating tools for our support, ops, and finance teams. We have lots of data pipelines, small machines, bots and apps. All neatly tied together. Humming. Robust. If you are a hacker at heart who enjoys many lean and clean projects, this could be an exciting opportunity for you.


With the other members of the internal tooling team you will propose, design and implement tools that bring joy to your future co-workers, remove manual labor, and create visibility.

  • You will help maintain and improve existing tools. 
  • You will participate in code-reviews of your peers, and seek out others to review your code and your designs.
  • You will help stakeholders express their needs and integrate them in our existing tools and pipelines.
  • You will spend time working on bug fixes and implementing feature requests with an extreme focus on usability.
  • Regularly commit and push your well-tested, documented and linted code to our internal Gitlab instance and watch with marvel as all tests pass green.
  • Write documentation explaining how to use and maintain the tooling.
  • Help deprecate tools that should no longer be there and update the documentation.
  • Participate in daily scrum calls over Google Meet.
  • Attend bi-weekly one-on-one meetings with your direct manager.
  • Hang around Slack and collaborate with some really cool, nice and competent people.


You are an excellent polyglot dev who likes testing, understands how an OS works, knows networking, how git works, grasps the constraints of a distributed system, and consumes API’s like a boss. 

We expect most tools you write to be in Python and Golang. You are mindful of technical debt. You prefer lean solutions and (when it makes sense) use something that already exists. You would not fear implementing a green-field project when necessary. You would, without hesitating delete the same project when it is no longer useful.

This is a fully remote position where you will be directly reporting to our Director of Internal Tooling and have close interaction with our Infrastructure, Finance, Sales, and Customer Support teams.  Prior experience with fully remote work is not required, but a command of written communication is the key to your success in this role.

Technologies: golang, python, php, aws, gcp, azure, debian, containers 

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Be proficient in Python and/or Golang.
  • Proficient with Git.
  • Good understanding of best-practices around API design (REST, GraphQL)
  • Experience with data pipelines
  • Proficiency with Amazon Web Service including (but not limited to) EC2, S3, Lambda, and cost reporting
  • Proficiency with Google Cloud Platform including BigQuery & PubSub
  • Have a passion for writing really great documentation
  • Have a passion for usability

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Open Source collaboration experience
  • Experience with PHP
  • Experience with Microsoft Azure
  • Great knowledge of products like Metabase, Kibana and Grafana
  • Good networking background (routing/protocols)
  • Good grasp of practical security and cryptography
  • Good knowledge of how the Web works (Hacking Nginx with Lua a plus)
  • Good understanding of how database systems and search engines work
  • Mad Debian Skills. Sporting a Debian plaid cloth during the interview is not frowned upon

Sound like a good fit? We’d love to talk to you!  

*This is a remote job! Work from anywhere!