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Posted 12 months ago


In the future, we will introduce new data sources to better understand developers behavior. We need your help to scale our databases and services for fast-growing data volumes. The ideal candidate would be someone who has a genuine passion for designing and implementing elegant software solutions. They would also be intimately familiar (and up to date) with their development ecosystem for making sound decisions when it comes to choosing the right tool or library for the job. We expect our senior engineers to be able to contribute across the entire product stack, as well as collectively oversee the integrity of the codebase.


  • Design and implement new features, either independently or in a team.
  • Collaborate in technical reviews to strengthen our architecture and system designs and assist others with coding and troubleshooting.
  • Work on our data infrastructure, including data streaming, third-party data integration, and internal tooling for data warehouses.


  • 3+ year experience as a software developer
  • A strong algorithmic background, because solving scalability challenges will be a meaningful part of the job
  • At least 1 year of Go experience
  • Experience with Microservices
  • Working no further than 3 hours from CEST time zone. (because of this we cannot accept applicants from America and Asia)


  • Monitoring and observability experience. E.g. Prometheus, open tracing.
  • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes are a big plus
  • Experience with data transformation, cleansing, and manipulation.

Other details 

Some other details that can also be important for you.
  • We are a quite small tech company, so we are flexible in many ways.
    - We work in 2-weeks tech sprints.
    - We have a clear but flexible roadmap to be able the develop the most important features.
    - And also small enough to try and use new technologies, frameworks, etc.
  • We are committed to both individual and teamwork.
    - Being efficient often requires to work alone. But it doesn't mean that you have to be an outsider.
    - We have daily standup meetings, so you'll know what the others work on.
  • You can see the result of your daily work.
    - We have retrospective meetings, user-interviews, transparent scorecards, weekly notes about the business goals, etc.
  • We have an international team with "customers" worldwide. So we think this is an excellent opportunity to know more about different cultures and habits.
  • And finally, we also love the fact that developers develop for developers. 🙂