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Posted 8 months ago

\nTitle: ColdFusion Software Developer\n\nEnviance:\n\nWe are the leader in SaaS solutions for the Environmental, Health and Safety space. Our platform analyzes massive amounts of data to flag potential environmental or health concerns before they become a problem.  It also streamlines and simplifies the complex tasks required to keep large and dangerous operations safe and clean.  In short, we help many of the largest retail, utility, manufacturing, entertainment, and oil and gas companies to care for their employees and the planet.\n\n Role Overview:\n\nYou will be a hands-on leader in our development group, working with the QA Lead and Product Manager to define the direction of one or more of our products.\n\nEssential Roles & Responsibilities:\n\n\n* Write code according to strategy, accounting for usability, security, performance, and maintainability of code.\n\n* Participate in developing code to achieve the implementation strategy.\n\n* Debug and diagnose production issues with your product.\n\n* Bring new ideas to the table, along with a plan to implement them.\n\n* Assist with other projects and responsibilities as assigned.\n\n\n\n\n Requirements and Qualifications:\n\n\n* Expertise with ColdFusion, including the use of CFCs\n\n* Strong experience in developing, debugging, tuning, and supporting large scale ColdFusion applications\n\n* Working understanding of object-oriented patterns\n\n* Working knowledge of Java\n\n* Understanding of other web languages like HTML, XHTML, JavaScript, CSS, XSLT, and XML\n\n* Proficiency in database programming (SQL), hands on experience with MS SQL Server, MySQL or MariaDB\n\n* Strong working knowledge of web standards and protocols (TCP, HTTP, HTML, REST, JSON)\n\n* Superior creative and problem-solving skills\n\n* Strong self-motivation and the ability to work both independently and as part of a team\n\n* A positive “can-do” attitude and a willingness to step-in and step-up\n\n\n\n\n Required Technical Knowledge:\n\n\n* Expertise with ColdFusion web development\n\n* Understanding of object-oriented patterns in Java\n\n\n\n\n Preferred Qualifications:\n\n\n* BS in Computer Science or equivalent education/experience\n\n* Experience with a distributed revision control system such as Mercurial or Git\n\n* Exposure to unit testing with Selenium WebDriver\n\n* Experience with Agile software methodologies and continuous deployment\n\n* Experience with cloud platforms such AWS or Azure\n\n\n\n\nReports to: R&D Manager