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Posted almost 2 years ago

**WHAT WE DO **The administrative profession isn’t what it used to be, and the influx of changing technologies and new responsibilities in an ever-evolving workplace has business implications beyond the front desk. OfficeNinjas recognizes admins and workplace operators, aka “Ninjas,” for the curious, engaged, forward-thinking professionals they are. We exist to provide vital resources, educational content, vendor vetting, networking events, and industry insights to ensure they have every opportunity to lead a valued and fulfilling professional life.**WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR **We’re looking for a Community Manager (CM) with a distinctive voice who can champion the OfficeNinjas brand and harness the power of our global network.The admin role is evolving, and Ninjas are leading the charge. Like all pioneers, they have big ideas and even bigger questions. The CM hears everything our community members share and eagerly responds with well-researched suggestions, a dose of encouragement, or an offer to facilitate a connection. The ideal candidate knows how to balance their unique personality with the OfficeNinjas’ brand so that every interaction feels human and authentic. They’ve found the intersection of fun and professionalism. They live there now. An integral member of OfficeNinjas’ fully remote team, the CM knows how to collect, synthesize, and report feedback in a way that helps our team better understand admins and anticipate their needs.Most importantly, the person who lands this gig needs to LOVE working with people. We’re a company founded on relationships, and this job represents that. The CM must be a clear, efficient, and friendly communicator who thrives in a collaborative, remote work environment. Feeling excited and motivated? Then you’re exactly the type of candidate we’re looking for.**WHAT YOU DO **Using your powers of project management, you serve as the lead contact for OfficeNinjas Think Tank, a specialized group of highly vetted Ninjas who advise our team on business development, marketing efforts, and product development. You manage every aspect of our volunteer program, including interviewing, selecting, and training reliable event volunteers who are passionate about the OfficeNinjas community.Through guidance, organizational support, and brand education, you nurture the OfficeNinjas Ambassadors, a motivated group of admins who help generate awareness and excitement for our content, programs, services, and events.You do more than just moderate our social media platforms. You create spaces that are supportive and informative by encouraging conversation and providing valuable content. Using the SOP that you create, you manage our HelpScout account, ensuring that all customer support concerns are addressed with care and efficiency. **WHAT YOU NEED TO HAVE**25+ hours a week to consistently dedicate to OfficeNinjas (with room to increase hours) Two years of experience in community management, preferably for a remote teamGood understanding of the business operations/administrative role (bonus if you’ve worked as a Ninja yourself).Ability to maintain accuracy under pressure, handle multiple projects simultaneously, and adapt quickly to rapidly shifting priorities. A builder’s sensibility. You understand that if it doesn’t exist, it’s time to take ownership and build it with scalability in mind. Proficiency in Asana (or similar project management tool), G Suite, and Slack. A healthy combination of big-picture perspective and appreciation for the details.A passion for collaboration. Your team members’ success is your success. You want everyone, yourself included, to continue to learn and grow.An appreciation for candor. You can handle it and offer it up.Tech savviness. You’re constantly researching new tech tools, and you think every new software system is figureoutable.Excellent written and verbal communication skills. You’re always respectful but you don’t mince words, and you get to the point in as few characters as possible.Major chops in the problem-solving category. You’re constantly thinking ahead. And when issues do pop up, they don’t greatly impact your project’s progress or outcome.A growth mindset. You seize opportunities to learn skills outside of your job description. **LAST WORDS**We mentioned we appreciate candor, so here’s a bit of OfficeNinjas realness: we work hard and smart. We launch and execute new projects every 90 days, accomplishing in three months what most businesses do in a year. We’re looking for someone who can jump in the game, pick up the ball, and run with it.The Community Manager is a long-term role, and they will be crucial to our success and growth. They’ll champion the OfficeNinjas brand and harness the power of our global network of admins. The job comes with a ton of responsibility, but an equal amount of opportunity and even more fulfillment.Did this job description spark a little fire and give you goosebumps? If you’re excited to apply, we would love to learn more about you!RequirementsApply for the CM position here –> more jobs at Officeninjas