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Posted 4 months ago


Chakrra is a Production house founded to create entertainment content for young viewers. We are putting together a talented team for our upcoming projects beginning with this pilot!

We are located in Princeton, NJ but this can a remote position for the right candidate. We would like to interview the candidate in person or on Skype (video call) if the candidate is not local to Princeton, NJ.

We are looking for experienced Character designer/Concept artist models for a 3D animated feature film to create a visual representation of characters and environments for use in animation feature film and comic book before it is added/made into final product.

Job responsibilities include:

  • Create and design environments, backgrounds, characters and color schemes of animation film production from concept to completion based on ideas presented by art directors and development teams.
  • Gathering and interpreting the ideas of the producer, directors or art directors
  • Analyzing source material for ideas to further build on a character
  • A strong understanding of color theory and color palette creation
  • Work with other art departments to ensure that the right visual style is reflected in each part of the project
  • Work with character designers as they build a 3D representation of the sketch

An ideal candidate for this position would demonstrate:

  • illustration skills
  • communication skills
  • design understanding
  • understanding of perspective
  • color theory and color palette creation
  • basic understanding of photoshop (or similar program)
  • Technical qualifications include using of computer tools such as SketchUp, Painter or Photoshop.
  • Create/provide design spec sheets showing dimensions and calculations that can be used by Character designers, other artists and animators.

Preferred mode of payment is PayPal. Please ensure it is supported in your country of residence.

Employment type: Contract

Approximate Length of Contract: 1 year