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Posted about 1 year ago

Content Coordinator Marketing Austin, Texas, United States of America We’re looking for a creative, tenacious person who loves writing for a Content Coordinator position. As our first Content Coordinator, you’ll help keep the wheels of Rebilly’s content marketing machine running smoothly, continuing to convert blog visitors to leads (and leads to customers). Your day-to-day work will consist of writing blog posts, scheduling social shares, finding places for us to pitch guest posts to, optimizing older content, and anything else that comes up in the course of meeting our content marketing goals. About you: First and foremost, you take pride in your writing, and your ability to research and complete articles (and other forms of content, including emails and lead magnets) that are engaging and actionable, without any fluff. You’re familiar with content marketing best practices and you’re probably familiar with tools like Buffer, WordPress, and Buzzsumo. Most importantly, you’re a self-directed worker, willing to take the reins and solve problems on your own. And you’re ready to do all of this within a teal organization environment. We’re looking for someone who can fulfill the following goals: Goal #1: Attract and engage top of funnel visitors, and turn them into leads Potential Obstacles: There’s a lot of content on the internet it can be hard to get (and keep) peoples’ attention long enough to turn them into leads. Actions: Write blog posts based on the strategy and editorial calendar provided to you by the Content Marketing Manager, following best practices for content marketing, SEO, and internet readability. Edit posts per feedback from team members. Results: One well-written post a week on the blog, with consistent engagement (measured via pageviews) and a 10% increase on current conversion rates over the next six months. Goal #2: Leverage existing Rebilly resources to get more ROI from our content marketing Potential Obstacles: Once content is published, it can linger in the archives, without getting any further traffic via social, backlinks, or search engines. Or, it might be getting a lot of traffic, but not converting very well. We’ve also had a hard time allocating resources (namely time) to important tasks that would lay the foundation for future work that could help get more return on investment from our content marketing efforts. Actions: Optimize older content for SEO, readability, and conversion. Make sure to update backlinks in older posts as we create relevant content. Write and schedule social shares for our evergreen content. Research places we can syndicate and republish existing content, as well as guest posting and PR opportunities. Assist in implementing a Quora strategy to repurpose and drive traffic to existing content. Results: Increase conversion rates on older posts by 10% or more, with steady pageviews and engagement on older posts, as well as increase unique users to the Rebilly site by 10% or more, without substantially decreasing conversion rates. Goal #3: Expand Rebilly’s content strategy to reach and engage more people Potential Obstacles: The payment and subscription industries can be complex, and understanding it enough to create unique, compelling content can be a challenge. It’s also hard to predict the success of a specific strategy or medium ahead of time. Actions: After three months on the job, you’ll expand and own a part of the content strategy, whether that’s webinars, Rebilly blog posts, a podcast, or something else. Results: This will depend on how you expand Rebilly’s content strategy, but could mean that you increase traffic to the website, improve our lead – > user conversion rate, or both. Hiring Process Here’s what our hiring process looks like: Initial 30 minute culture interview, advances to: Stop. Start. Continue project: You’ll check out Rebilly’s content available on the website, blog, and social media channels. After looking it over, spend no more than an hour writing a response to these three prompts: What about our current content marketing efforts should we 1) Stop, 2) Start, and 3) Continue? This will advance to: Extended interview (1-1.5 hrs) to review project, how this role would impact Rebilly, and what it’s like to work at Rebilly. Working at Rebilly Rebilly offers a competitive salary, training and development, birthday lunches, and provides the computer of your choosing. You are welcome to work out of our Montreal office, remotely out of Austin (occasionally meeting with our team here for lunch or happy hour, otherwise set up as a 100% remote/work from home environment), or anywhere on the globe that you choose as a fully remote employee. Further perks and benefits are dependent on your work location of choice. Rebilly is a Teal Organization, meaning our organizational structure may differ than what you’re used to, but we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. In a very tiny nutshell, this means that as an organization we value self-management, self-organization, as well as the wholeness of the individuals that make up our team (meaning you should be yourself at work, and do work that inspires you.) You can read more about it here. About Rebilly Rebilly is subscription billing software created to maximize customer lifetime value. We make it easy for even the most complex businesses to get the most profit possible from every single customer. Rebilly’s comprehensive feature set is built to help our merchants get more of their customers from the order form to the thank you page, and more renewals paid. *We are an equal opportunity employer and thank you for your interest. Only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.