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Posted almost 2 years ago

We are building a machine learning model to detect defects in a manufacturing line for a circuit board prototyping company. The production line is located at a client site in Kyoto or Okayama prefecture. The parts are electrical parts, circuit boards, etc., and the model should be generalizable to parts and models of new types. Development will happen remotely, but we will make a visit to the client site in Kyoto to understand the underlying business and operational flow and we highly recommend the engineer also make a trip to Kyoto (we will sponsor this trip).Your Responsibilities: You will be charge of building the model and monitoring system Define the input data and design a system of acquiring the necessary training and test data from the production line Define the key metrics for the model and build a monitoring platform to track those key metrics Design an implementation story, how should the models be deployed on the actual production line? Build and iterate on the model to meet goals for key metrics Curate documentation for the model, including README documents for the train and test pipeline, documentation of results of experiments Requirements: Experience with computer vision projects Understanding of Machine Learning techniques for computer vision MS in Computer Science or similar experience Great communication skills Good coding practices with version control and testing Familiar with or willing to learn AWS Terms: Project based contract: October 1, 2018 - November 30, 2018 (flexible start and end dates, but expect 2 months full time commitment) Compensation: $24k USD ($10k upfront and the rest upon delivery of data, model, code and documentation) There will be potential for a renewal at the end of the term if the work is satisfactory