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Posted almost 2 years ago

The focus of this role is the ongoing function and consistent uptime of core CC services (e.g., website, comms tools, license tools and related legal products, fundraising, etc.). This position will also collaborate with the product team to provide DevOps support for CC products such as CC Search, and support the integration of CC products into existing infrastructure. And it involves support for staff hardware and software including laptop systems, email and collaboration tools, and backups. Responsibilities include: System Administration Manage servers and the software running on them (for example GNU/Linux, WordPress, MediaWiki, Discourse), provisioning, updating and replacing them as needed. Implementations and uptime of main website, G-suite, Slack, mailing lists, wiki, donation infrastructure, communications infrastructure, Github repos, and other core services. Support, tune, automate, scale, maintain, and document our operating processes including builds, code deployment, patch management, and troubleshooting of issues. Support ongoing maintenance and enhancement of CC programs, including development of CC’s WordPress- and Python-based sites and services (e.g., Network site, Main website, etc), license translations, and the CC Certificate site (WordPress, Canvas). Handle problems from communication to implementing solutions, to post-mortems and process changes to prevent recurrence. Archive, maintain and integrate old hardware. Administrative Help coordinate on-site and remote desktop support occasionally, as needed. Manage Google Apps and staff laptop services (backups, provisioning, VPN). Manage cloud services (Gandi, CloudFlare, AWS,, Bytemark etc.) including configuration and billing. Incorporate/recover old staff systems and data. Project management and collaboration Act as point of contact and, if needed, manager for contractors on prioritisation of, requirements gathering for and completion of contractor projects. Share plans and work-in-progress openly with CC’s community and partners, respond to feedback, and encourage contribution and leadership among volunteers. Support the translations process with Legal and the global network, integrating and deploying new translations and supporting/developing the tools used to do so. Work with Legal to Ensure compliance with data protection law and best practice across our platforms. Meta Prioritize tasks effectively and avoid surprises for your colleagues, community, and partners. Ensure that the need for additional contractors or in-house capabilities is raised and resolved in good time to handle any projected workload above that which can be handled in-house. Diversity We believe that diverse teams build better organizations and better services. Applications from qualified candidates from all backgrounds, including those from under-represented communities, are very welcome. Creative Commons works as part of a global community, guided by collaboratively developed codes of conduct and anti-harassment policies. Work Environment and Location Creative Commons is a distributed organization. This position is available to applicants working in the range of the Eastern to Pacific time zones, in a remote working environment. You must have reasonable mobility for necessary travel, including twice-annual all-staff meetings and the Global Summit, and high-speed broadband access. Laptop/desktop computer and necessary resources are supplied. Salary and Benefits Creative Commons is a leading non-profit employer, offering competitive salaries and benefits, including health and wellness plans, annual retirement contributions, and a positive, supportive work environment.