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Posted 9 months ago

#About Reedsy 

We’re here to help authors find world-class professionals to create amazing books. Our curated marketplace gathers some of the best freelancers in the industry — the likes of Stephen King's designer, Neil Gaiman's editor or Walter Isaacson's publicist.

We’ve grown to a community of 150,000 authors and over 1,500 freelancers in just a few short years, while picking up a number of industry awards along the way. Want to help us? Cool, keep reading!

#Job Description 

Your role is to grow Reedsy's supply of creative publishing professionals (editors, designers, marketers, publicists, ghostwriters, translators, etc.), build relationships and optimize conversion.

You will: 

- Offer customer support; 

- Reach out to top creative professionals and present Reedsy to them; 

- Contribute to curating our marketplace: Reedsy accepts 1-3% of all applications submitted by professionals in order to offer a high-quality service; 

- Onboard new professionals to present Reedsy's product to them; 

- Optimize the balance between supply and demand by crunching data and following KPIs; 

- Build customer funnels (design emails and in-app messages) to reactivate users and introduce Reedsy's features to them.

#Person Specification: 

- Analytical mind 

- Experience automating and scaling outreach 

- Familiarity with Google Analytics and other analytics tools 

- Great understanding of onboarding and conversion rate optimization (CRO) techniques 

- Customer support experience (Intercom, Crisp, Zendesk, etc.) 

- Entrepreneurial minded 

- Strong writing skills 

- Native-level English speaker

#Bonus Points 

- Previous experience working for a marketplace and/or in a creative industry 

- A good dose of ambition, as well as a great sense of humour 

- Fluent in French, Spanish or German

#How to Apply 

We currently receive over 30 applications every day and we won't spend any time on generic messages. If you'd like to stand out, make sure that 

1) you've done some research about Reedsy and signed up to try the product; 

2) you include a well-structured and **concise** message with your application explaining why you find Reedsy interesting and why you'd be a good fit. Show off but not too much :).


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