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Posted 4 months ago

This tech company is developing an MVP which has broad application for web-based companies that display independently developed content. We are currently working with a developer to develop an MVP for concept testing and market validation. We are looking for a pedigreed technical co-founder who will be part of the company at the ground floor and grow with the company while they help the company to grow. 

As the Technical Co-Founder, you will have a key leadership role in directly developing the technical side of this company.   You will use all your skills to refine our APIs, MVPs, and front/back ends of our web presence.  The heart of our system will be a dynamic database, with links to a growing number of web hosts, a payment service provider and our own dynamic website.  

Previous experience, leadership ability, and an ability to work remotely as part of closely knit management team is a must.

This is a startup.  Compensation will be your founder's equity until we become revenue positive and/or receive angel funding.  Our concept is sound and has global application.  We are working to build a top tier team, and are currently recruiting a CTO and CMO.