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Posted 5 months ago

BEE ( - a business unit of MailUp Group - provides best-in-class tools for designing emails and landing pages, online at and embeddedable in SaaS applications. We are looking for a Customer Success Manager to join our North-American team.

We define Customer Success as the activities that the Sales Team performs to retain customers and grow their use of our products, improving a customer’s lifetime value as a result.

Your impact

As a Customer Success Manager, reporting directly to the Director of Sales of the business unit, your role will be focused on our embeddable editor (BEE Plugin), which is used by over 600 SaaS companies around the world, from startups to large enterprises (e.g. BlueShift, CareerBuilder, Cheetah Digital, CleverTap,, Iterable, Smashfly, …).

Your core responsibilities will be to:

  • Proactively reach out to existing BEE Plugin customers to ensure that they are successfully using our products, to understand their changing needs, and to instruct them about how those needs may be addressed using current or upcoming features.

  • Ensure a high retention rate (the percentage of customers that renew their subscriptions as they are successfully using our products) as a result of those efforts.

  • Create awareness for new products or new product features, translating them into solutions to those customers’ specific problems. Help increase the Average Revenue Per Account (ARPA), as a result of these efforts.

  • Handle subscription plan upgrades, downgrades and/or subscription changes when adapting a customer’s existing subscription to our products to better meet their needs. 

  • Escalate to the Support Team technical issues that you may find when contacting customers, and that those customers had not reported on their own.

  • Report to the Product Team customer needs that cannot be met by existing or upcoming features.

You will carry them out by:

  • Becoming an expert user of our embeddable editor so that you can effectively identify how the product can address our customers’ evolving needs. 

  • Taking time to understand our customers, their business, and what solutions our products provided to specific problems they were having (i.e. why they adopted our products in the first place).

  • Investigating what other problems they are having that could be solved by our products, with a genuine interest in providing real solutions, not just selling an upgrade.

  • Evangelizing new products or new features, with a focus on explaining - in simple terms - how they can solve a specific problem, in specific use cases, for that specific customer you are communicating with.

  • Providing the Product & Support Teams with continuous feedback on unmet needs and opportunities for functional or UX improvements.

What we are looking for

  • Curiosity: you love a story, and are curious about finding the real story about how a certain customer is using our products, why, and what could be done to further provide solutions to their needs.

  • Problem solving: you have fantastic troubleshooting skills and truly enjoy finding the cause behind a specific problem, explaining it to others, and working with others to find a solution;

  • Content creation: we provide content creation tools that live in software applications to help people design emails, landing pages, and more. You enjoy building visual content, so you really appreciate the value that our tools provide.

  • Technical skills: you have a good, general understanding of how digital content is created online. Additional technical skills are a plus. Knowledge of the email space is an additional plus.

  • Reliability and organization: you enjoy getting things done, and people always look at you as a dependable team member when tasks are assigned.

  • Outstanding communication skills: you love interacting with both customers & team members, in writing or in person. You’ve given demos, presentations, held webinars, … you name it.

  • Soft sales skills: once you’ve identified a need, and you know that need can be satisfied with our products, you know how to make a customer see that, so they stay with us (retention) and upgrade to new plans or features when it makes sense for them to do so (expansion).

What it’s like working at BEE

When you join our company, you can expect:

  • Full time work in a fast growing, exciting project with worldwide recognition as a market-leader in our industry;

  • A dynamic team, geographically dispersed (Italy, USA), working with a startup mindset;

  • Yearly team retreat, often in Italy (in 2019 the BEE team retreat was here);

  • Many opportunities for professional development through your daily exposure to marketing-leading products, and also through access to online training resources (free, unlimited course subscription to Udemy) and offline events (attendance to conferences, etc.);

  • Competitive salary plus incentive-based compensation;

  • Health insurance benefits;

  • 401K plan with employer matching;

  • Commuter benefits, and many other benefits..

Location & travel

  • Our office in Oakland, California or remote.

  • If you work remotely, we may ask you to join us in Oakland (or another location) for in-person sessions from time to time. 

  • Some travel may be required to help at our booth when we sponsor a conference.

  • Some travel will be required for our yearly team retreat(s). Between travel and meeting time, the retreat typically requires about a week of your time. In 2019 we had one retreat in early June. In 2020 we may have two: one in the early summer and another (shorter) in the winter. We will provide ample notice so that you can plan for it.