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Posted almost 2 years ago

Reliable is looking for a warm, friendly, responsible, and bright customer support manager to join our dedicated, talented, remote team. Reliable PSD is one of the top design to code companies in the world. It was created by a digital agency after years of frustration with sub-par web development partners. Finally, we created our own that did things right. Our key differentiators: beautiful, clean code, an insanely thorough QA process, and last but not least, friendly, warm, thorough customer support. We deliver exceptional work to our clients, who include both freelancers and large agencies while at the same time building long lasting friendly relationships with them in a real, genuine, down to earth way. One of the biggest things that sets us apart is that our clients actually feel like they're talking to a real person. This type of convo is not uncommon :-). Since our launch 5 years ago, we've nearly doubled our growth year over year. With this growth have come growth challenges that we need you to help solve to take Reliable to the next level - world-class and beyond. About the Job:There are a few key parts to this job:1. Anticipate problems with clients / projects and put in measures to stop them or guide them towards success2. Relay / help clarify information between our Europe / Ukraine project managers and clients. Our UA project managers don't have perfect English (though they are very good!). They write clients directly on simple stuff, but more complex messages / things relating to pricing are up to the US customer success manager to communicate. 3. Take any required phone calls with clients (most communication is through email, but some calls are necessary). 4. Simple acknowledgement emails to clients that still build relationships (i.e. "Thanks for sending that over, I'll get the to the team!"). This is for you if...You understand that even simple customer support emails are monumental in building long-lasting relationships with clients.You have at least basic familiarity with web design, html, and Wordpress, and can speak about the subject comfortably. You don't need to know how to design or code, but you need to have at least a basic understanding of these concepts, enough to have an informed conversation with someone about them. You're extremely organized and detail oriented. You're not ok with leaving things disorganized, even if it's not directly part of your job. You understand that there's a bigger picture, and will go the extra mile. You are a team player, and will work together with everyone to achieve our goals. You are extremely kind, friendly, and love helping people. You're good at building relationships and making people feel cared for. You're fluent in English and are skilled at writing with no errors. If you get an email with 5 questions, you provide 5 answers. You don't miss a single thing. You're looking for a long-term freelance relationship with opportunity for more hours down the road. Your schedule is flexible, and you can work during USA morning time and USA evening time (we've found a few hours in the morning and a few hours at night work really well for this position). You're always looking to improve things and make them better. You're not ok with things staying stagnant. You're always thinking about how to get better and better. You're honest, trustworthy, and understand that your actions have significant impact on clients and other team members. You're comfortable with being the client's voice and advocate with the team. You think critically, and if the team says something that doesn't make sense, for example, you'll discuss it with them, not just send it to the client. You're a quick learner and have a quick mind - especially when it comes to technology, computers, etc. You don't get overwhelmed easily, and can handle multi-tasking and many things going on at once.You work quickly and efficiently and can jump between different tasks with ease. You're happy to sign an NDA and keep things confidential. You understand that clients trust us with sensitive information and will do what it takes to keep that trust.You enjoy the flexibility and freedom of working from home, and interacting with a group of awesome, talented people!//To be considered, please fill out both of the following applications. Inquiries that did not fill out the applications will not be considered:Part 1 2 you! We look forward to reading your application! :-)