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Posted 8 months ago

Code + Communication = Customer Success

The goal of a Customer Support Engineer: ensure our customers are delighted with our products, through the wise application of technical know-how and strong communication skills. is a fully distributed team, which means 100% of our engineers, designers, and product managers (including our founder & CTO) work out of home offices. Most of the support team located in US/Eastern and US/Central timezones. We'll also give preference to those timezones, because even though we operate on a distributed/async model, we like to have timezone overlap for f2f (video) collaboration and pairing. We prefer to hire US-based candidates, but we'll consider Canada, Mexico, and Argentina for this role.

For this role, you need to love to help people, to write, to solve problems. You need to be technical enough to gain deep experience in analytics -- not just our tools, but the other tools our customers use. You need to stay close to our customers and understand how they use our product, APIs, and infrastructure, as well as how it fits into their broader analytics goals.

You have to love the idea of explaining tough technical concepts to a non-technical crowd. You want to use your people skills to work closely with top media companies and leading brands. You want to solve huge problems for them, but also sharpen your technical skills by staying embedded in the product team.

As this is a customer-facing role, you’ll also need to be comfortable jumping onto email threads, chat conversations, and even phone/video discussions with customers to help them diagnose issues. Sometimes, the people you’re talking to will be the web developers responsible for integrating into their sites and apps -- but sometimes, it will be non-technical staff who work with those people. To do this work, you'll need to have a love for the web and its technologies -- browsers, HTTP, JavaScript. And you'll go deep on those in your work with us.

As for you, to match well to this role, you’re likely on the junior side of your career but you are willing to learn -- and you're ready to solve specific challenges for customers.

A Day In The Life of a Customer Support Engineer

In interacting with customers, you’re likely to help customers integrate open source content management systems (such as Wordpress, Drupal); SQL data warehouses (such as Redshift, BigQuery); video player plug-ins (such as JWPlayer, VideoJS); and iOS/Android mobile SDKs.

Toward this end, you will become an expert in APIs for JavaScript, HTTP/JSON, data warehousing, and mobile SDKs. In this work, it's likely you'll become a JavaScript expert, if you're not already one. You should be comfortable doing debugging websites live in Chrome Inspector, Firefox Dev Tools, or similar.

You might also pick up other skills in SQL and Python along the way, since the product team is staffed with JavaScript, Python, and SQL experts.

You care deeply about our users and partners, and you will judge yourself on how well you serve them.

Your Responsibilities On The Team

  • Interface directly with our largest customers’ technical teams, serving as their primary point of contact for technical issues and questions.

  • Communicate how can solve business and technical challenges, from high-level use cases to code implementation.

  • Practice your stellar troubleshooting and debugging techniques daily, and communicate these effectively to the internal team and externally to the customer via web, email, and phone/video discussion.

  • Create technical content and documentation to showcase common use cases, common issues, and best practices.

  • Help improve the product by identifying areas of improvement or growth through your direct line of communication with the customer. Or, if necessary, you build it yourself.

  • Strike a balance between reacting to support issues and creating a proactive routine to identify and communicate common issues before they arise.

  • Develop deep expertise in the code base and functionality of the platform, including our Dashboard product, JavaScript libraries, mobile integrations, browser plug-ins, rich HTTP/JSON API, or emerging products like our Data Pipeline and our advanced Video Analytics.

  • Work closely with the product team and support team to improve usage across our entire platform.

  • People with past experience working remotely (especially on fully distributed teams) will be prioritized.