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Posted over 1 year ago

Customer Support Manager

$ 100k/Year ($ 50/Hour for 40 hours of productive work per week)
Remote Position


Can you coach direct reports on the difference between providing excellent customer service vs. delivering an exceptional customer experience? Have you ever felt discouraged by the lack of professionalism or the care it takes to improve processes in your previous managerial roles? Do you desire to have an impact, to build a reliable support infrastructure? Do you dream of creating a culture of excellence, continuous improvement and putting customers first?

At Crossover, we empower our Customer Support Managers to be leaders of change. As Customer Support Manager you will continuously improve upon our processes, and build a culture filled with excitement and passion for delivering exceptional customer service. We are seeking goal-oriented leaders that desire the opportunity to disrupt the support industry and redefine world-class service. We want the exceptional few that can manage and lead a team of talented software support professionals.

If you’re passionate about service, coaching, and can analyze data to drive quality and production; then we want you to lead our elite force!
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