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Posted 9 months ago

Company Description

MadridBlues, the parent company of several e-commerce & SaaS platforms is looking for a dynamic teammate to join us to work in an environment where the demands and directions of work are constantly changing. We are a fully distributed team from over 10+ countries.

Job Description

Our team is very small and friendly.

Hours: Extremely flexible - you can work any weekdays/weekends.

All we ask is that you stay for at least 2 hours at a time. We are currently offering up to 20 hours of work per week. 

We have a team of 8 who's handling customer support. We are seeking a senior support specialist to head, monitor and improve the support delivery. 

Primary Responsibilities 

- Manage a team of customer support executives
- Train them in best practices
- Making sure all support tickets are handled as per SLA
- Developing new training modules
- Understanding issues and improving knowledgebase
- Maintain metrics & documentation

In addition you will also be handling direct support queries 

- Use online software to answer customer questions via email & chat
- Help customers solve a wide variety of issues 
- Solve problems creatively 


- Excellent written communication skills 
- Strong sense of empathy 
- Previous experience with web-based customer support tools 
- Not a requirement, but a decent sense of humor doesn't hurt :)
- Experience with SaaS
- 3+ Years experience in Customer support

Additional Information

Please specify if you are can handle a multi role. 

This is a remote position.

Mandatory information to be sent during application 

  1. Expected Hourly rate 
  2. Number of hours available per week
  3. Timezone and schedule of availability (example 10 am est to 2 pm est)
  4. How soon can you get started
  5. Any additional skills which we should know about
  6. What support software have you had experience with?