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Posted 9 months ago

About Milanote

Milanote is a tool for organising creative projects. It's used by designers, writers, marketers and other creative professionals from companies like Facebook, Apple, Dropbox, Google, Adobe, Sony, Nike, etc.

Our approach to customers

We think that companies who look after their customers will always succeed in the long run. We go out of our way to provide amazing customer service every time, even for people who aren't paying us anything. If in doubt, we'll always put our customers over our own profits. We're always honest with our customers, even when it doesn't seem like it's in our own best interests.

To learn more about what we're like to work with, take a look at our company values.

About the role

This role is focused on providing our customers with exceptional support to help solve their problems.

The ideal candidate has excellent written communication skills (English fluent or native), is technically-savvy, has great problem solving ability, and most importantly, displays empathy for people.

Initially the role will be a part-time, with a lot of flexibility to work around your schedule (see more details below). It's anticipated to grow into a full-time position over the next 12 months as our user base grows.

General skills/attributes
  • Written communication skills - the primary job will be providing clear and succinct written responses to queries via our customer support platform Intercom.

  • Technical knowledge - you'll need to be technically savvy and understand modern software - you're likely to use various SaaS tools as part of your daily life and can show your experience with the web from past projects/experience (e.g. you may have designed and coded a website in the past, written javascript code, built a database).

  • Problem solving ability - you'll need to be comfortable dealing with ambiguity, and have the ability to ask appropriate questions to understand issues fully.

  • Empathy and patience - we expect you to take your time with customers, and in doing so provide people with an exceptional customer experience.

  • SaaS/startup experience - any previous experience at a startup/software company providing customer support would be seen as a bonus (but not essential).

Role duties
  • Triaging and responding to all of the queries received via our support platform Intercom.

  • Providing feedback, guidance and education on how to use the Milanote platform.

  • Helping convert potential customers into PRO users by offering them the right plan and pricing information.

  • Assisting customers with billing and invoicing queries using the Stripe platform.

  • Diagnosing technical and account issues often related to browser or device problems.

  • Escalating bugs and technical issues to the development team.

  • Sharing feedback and suggestions with the product team on how Milanote can be improved.

  • Contributing to our help centre knowledge base to make it easier for customers to find answers to their problems.


This is a remote position, we're open to applicants from anywhere in the world.

All our support is handled over the internet. We expect to have a regular weekly review call, which means having some overlap with our timezone is ideal (we're based in Melbourne, Australia, GMT+10).

If you're applying from Melbourne, you would have the option of working onsite in our office if you'd prefer.

Employment basis
  • Part-time/flexible - you'll essentially need to do 2 - 3 hrs per day / 5 days a week, but the time in which it's done can be flexible depending on your schedule.

  • All the support will be carried out remotely via the Internet - so you can be based wherever it suits you best.

  • If you're currently studying, or at home raising kids - this is the type of position that could fit really well into your daily life.

  • We anticipate the hours increasing over the next 12 months to a full-time position as our user base grows - we can work with you on how this transition happens.

Application process
  • Please provide a cover letter that includes why you'd like to join Milanote

  • In your cover letter and resume please address the requirements of the role

  • Shortlisted applicants will be contacted to take part in a video call interview

  • The annual salary range will be a prorate amount equivalent to $40,000 - $45,000 USD annually.