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Posted about 2 years ago

Customer Voice Rep (QA + Support) at Timeular Remote, Remote Full-Time Job Description We’re hiring a customer voice representative to assure that we ship the software quality our users expect. You will spend your time mostly between answering support requests so you get to know the users expectations and testing our internal releases to assure they meet the expected quality. We know this is an unusual role and it takes time to get to know users, that’s why we know you can’t be awesome at this from day one. We trust you’ll get there if you build experience in these two areas and you’re still excited by both. Good things take time. Every day, we try to help people to have more time for the important things in their lives. This is a company goal not only for our customers, but also for our employees. However, we believe working 40 hours per week very focused on the right things is enough to achieve great work. We know that an exciting life outside of work and a good night of sleep are the best productivity booster and will keep you healthy. That’s why we try hard to protect your time. In return, we ask you to do your best job every day. We are a fully remote team consisting of 16 people working from 5 countries. You can work from anywhere in the world, as long as you schedule your work day to have 4 hours or more overlap with Vienna time (CEST/UTC+1). About you and this role The purpose of this role is to be the glue between the user and the quality of the product we ship. We are a very feedback-driven and data-informed startup because we believe this is the only way to create a product that people love and therefore recommend to others. Yes, this means you’ll have a huge responsibility, but it’s not just on you. We have other people supporting you to reply to users’ request, we have a product manager and designers in place and, in general, we help each other out a lot as we’re all in this together. Here are some examples of responsibilities you will have: Lead the support team hands-on, meaning you’ll answer support replies together with the other members of the team. This will help you better understand the customer needs and how you can improve the support flow Find patterns in the support requests together with the product team in order to clearly understand what we need to improve and why Read over product specifications to assure they reflect the customer needs and provide a solution which is simple to understand and use Assure that the implementation of product specifications meets the users’ needs. You won’t do code reviews unless you want that. You’ll only do QA from a customer’s perspective which is basically the UI Improve the existing QA process with automation or any other ideas you have, so you won’t waste time on time-consuming repetitive tasks. As you can see, these tasks require very user-oriented thinking and a strong understanding of the consequences of poor software quality. We believe combining these roles builds motivation to test the software over and over again, which requires technical understanding, as well as creative thinking. Something that would make you stand out (though it’s not a must-have) is to be able to automate parts of the QA process by writing tests for our Frontend (Jest/Typescript/Js) and/or our Backend plus Frontend (JUnit/Kotlin). Knowledge of network and application security vulnerabilities is a plus too. About you and our culture As we work remotely, we communicate a lot in written form. To help you demonstrate the strong writing skills you’ll need for this role, we’ve made the first part of this application process a written task. We believe that the most time efficient communication style, whether it’s client-facing or with your team members, is to be direct but respectful. We’re honest and transparent to each other and we support each other. So should you. We work very independently and therefore have to be highly self-motivated. This doesn’t mean we don’t achieve things together and never talk to each other but you should be comfortable working remotely most of the time. Loneliness and de-motivation might hit you here and there, but we’re all been through this and have learned a few things. We respect time because time is the most valuable thing we have: we show up, deliver and communicate in time. We respect everyone’s private time unless there is a real urgency. We say no to distractions and focus on the important things. We seek the minimal path with the highest possible output. We single task our way along that path. We keep meetings efficient. Basically, we focus on focus. About the pay and benefits We’re still at the beginning of our journey and therefore can’t afford to pay huge salaries; however, we manage that with other benefits, which are mostly about helping you to live a healthy life outside of work. The transparent salary for this role at hiring ranges between $48,000 and $95,000, depending on several factors like the country you’re in (taxes, living costs etc…) and your experience. After one year of working full-time at Timeular you can participate in the employee stock option pool. The benefits we offer are: Work where, when and how you want as long as you have 4 hours overlap with Vienna time (CEST/UTC+1) 50 days of paid holidays (including national holidays) because we’ve learned that time off is the best source for great ideas Three paid team retreats per year to spend an incredible time together discovering unique locations and amazing food. All costs covered. How to apply We don’t need resumes, we care about who you’re today and where do you want to go. Our application process is pretty simple: we start with asking you a few questions in written form, you answer them the best you can, we read it and, if we like it, we jump on a call to get to know each other better. If that goes well, we do a test period so we both can verify our expectations and if we both agree, you’re in. As we value good clear writing skills, take your time to send your application. When you see a question with Why, dig deep to find the real root-why before answering. We value if you answer with facts and numbers. When we ask for example tasks, write your reply like you would think aloud: imagine you’re doing the task and walk us through your thinking. Make your time count with us If you made it this far, then we assume you’re interested and are likely a good fit. If so, please apply here as soon as you have enough time and energy to craft your best answers. As we always get many applications it might take some time until we get back to you after having evaluated all the applications.