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Posted 3 months ago

\nSongspace is seeking a Data Developer to join our team that is responsible for developing and managing the data tools, applications, models, processes, and workflows that support the efficient and automated management and provision of the company’s data across internal systems and customer products, the ingestion of multimedia files and metadata provided by our clients and 3rd parties, and the exchange of music data with our sister companies and business partners. This role will also analyze and validate data, cleanse and transform data, and create/run SQL queries to deliver information to various teams across the company.This position offers an opportunity to design, build, and manage mission critical data applications and products with an experienced and supportive team in an interesting and fun industry.\n\nJob Responsibilities\n\n\n* \n\nWork with data, technology, and operations teams to design, build, test, and implement an automated data ingestion, integration, and exchange platform, and supporting enterprise data model\n\n\n* \n\nDesign, create, and improve software to monitor, audit, and test data processes, systems, and applications\n\n\n* \n\nProcess the ingestion of music metadata and multimedia assets provided by music creator, publisher,and record label customers and partners within the timelines and specifications defined by the Client Services Team\n\n\n* \n\nValidate, transform, and cleanse data as required\n\n\n* \n\nMonitor content delivery processes and queues and troubleshoot/resolve issues and errors\n\n\n* \n\nPoint of contact for technical data issues for the internal team\n\n\n* \n\nProactively investigate, troubleshoot, and solve technical data issues, escalating unsolved issues to the appropriate team\n\n\n* \n\nCreate and sponsor concepts and work with internal teams to develop new software and tools that will assist clients and/or internal stakeholders to automate and optimize data workflow and data accessibility\n\n\n* \n\nWork with the data and technology teams to plan, prioritize, and manage technical backlog of data deliverables\n\n\n* \n\nPerform custom SQL queries and run existing scripts and queries upon request\n\n\n* \n\nCreate and Maintain scripts to automate daily tasks\n\n\n* \n\nCreate and Maintain test data, and Perform/Test upgrades, code changes and bug fixes\n\n\n* \n\nCreate and Maintain documentation of code, scripts, tools, applications, and processes\n\n\n* \n\nTrain team members in use of internal data tools\n\n\n* \n\nPerform other job-related tasks as directed\n\n\n\n\n\nRequirements\n\nRequired\n\n\n* \n\nMust possess strong written and verbal communication skills\n\n\n* \n\nMust possess strong analytical skills\n\n\n* \n\nMust be committed to executing high-quality deliverables within defined scope and schedule\n\n\n* \n\nMust be self-driven, proactive, and open to new ideas in problem solving\n\n\n* \n\nMust be comfortable working independently and collaboratively with small, distributed teams\n\n\n* \n\nMust be curious and invest time to develop and expand knowledge and proficiencies for self and others\n\n\n\n\n\nPreferred\n\n\n* \n\nExperience with MySQL is preferred\n\n\n* \n\nExperience with *nix CLI and shell scripting is preferred\n\n\n* \n\nExperience with git is preferred\n\n\n* \n\nExperience with designing, developing, and using custom ETL code and processes is preferred\n\n\n* \n\nExperience creating, implementing, and using REST APIs is preferred\n\n\n* \n\nExperience with music data, music data standards (DDEX, CWR, ID3) is a plus\n\n\n* \n\nExperience with multimedia management software/tools and multimedia pipelines is a plus\n\n\n* \n\nExperience with music production, audio processing, and audio codices (.mp3, FLAC, WAV) is a plus\n\n\n* \n\nExperience with provisioning and supporting AWS data implementations (S3, EC2, RDS, Lambda,\n\n\n* \n\nRedshift, etc.) is a plus\n\n\n* \n\nExperience as a tech support/account manager or client-facing project manager is a plus\n\n\n\n