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Posted 5 months ago

Job Title
Data Journalist

Employment Status
Remote position

Job Location

All locations across the USA where professional and/or college sports are played.

Company Profile

Sportradar is the world's leading supplier of sports related live data, odds solutions and security services.


The data journalist position involves consuming sporting events to collect the live data in real time with our mobile applications.

Our system is based on our unique, fully automated data extraction and supervision technology for highest quality standard, combined with a complex scout and video signal monitoring system.


Job responsibilities:

  • Watch major sporting events and record events in real time for statistic gathering.
  • Remain knowledgeable of the rules of the sport and the teams/players involved.
  • Comply with the moral code of the profession.
  • Observe kick off times, venue details and inform us when there are changes.


Professional requirements:

  • Highly functional English skills (written and spoken)
  • Demonstrable experience with modern communication devices.
  • Good sporting knowledge.
  • Located within the general area of professional / college sport events and have access to local networks where match broadcasts are available.
  • Integrity and morality.
  • Good observation and deduction skills.
  • Computer proficiency.
  • Own or able to obtain a modern device suitable for data collection (Android/iOS devices, laptop computer).



Payment is competitive. Compensation is based on a match by match basis dependent on successful completion of the data collection.

Salary: $45.00 /hour