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Posted about 1 month ago

About OpenMind

OpenMind is a rapidly growing non-profit EdTech startup that works at the intersection of behavioral science and technology to address polarization and social conflict. We translate the best social science research into tools that are engaging, evidence-based, and scalable in order to equip people with the skills to think clearly and engage constructively across differences.

OpenMind was co-founded by the social psychologist Jonathan Haidt, the author of the bestselling books The Righteous Mind and The Coddling of the American Mind. Since launching in 2017, our online program has reached more than 25,000 people in more than 500 classrooms, as well as 50 organizations and companies, across more than 15 countries.

About the Role

We are seeking a Data Scientist to help us analyze and test the effectiveness of OpenMind interventions. The Data Scientist will play an essential role in analyzing the data that are collected for our interventions, resulting in data-driven insights that will meaningfully improve our programs and amplify our positive impact. The ideal candidate will have experience programming in R, performing advanced statistical analysis (e.g., multiple regression, mixed effects modeling, and statistical mediation and moderation), and creating compelling data visualizations. The ideal candidate will also be familiar with social science research (especially social psychology).

The Data Scientist will work with the Research Director to coordinate randomized controlled trials and to collect, analyze, and synthesize data with the goal of continually working to understand and improve the effectiveness of our interventions.

The Position Offers

  • Flexibility: Work remotely from anywhere, with flexible hours.
  • Impact: Develop and validate evidence-based tools to reach millions of people worldwide and help them gain essential skills to thrive.
  • Team: Work alongside individuals who are passionate, driven, intellectually curious, collaborative, and have experience across the private sector, nonprofits, and academia.

Key Responsibilities

  • Write scripts and programs that are reproducible and sharable to parse and analyze OpenMind user data.
  • Generate data-driven insights to drive optimization and improvement of product development.
  • Assist in reporting on and visualizing data.
  • Assist in developing research designs to test OpenMind interventions (e.g., A/B testing).
  • Available at least 15 hours/week: We expect that the role will initially require more hours for training, and then the number of hours will vary based on various stages of product development. 



  • 3+ years of statistical training.
  • Experience programming in R to draw insights from large datasets.
  • Knowledge of advanced statistics for the social sciences (e.g., multiple regression, mixed effects modeling, and statistical mediation and moderation).
  • Experience visualizing and presenting data (e.g., ggplot).
  • Experience analyzing longitudinal and clustered data.


  • A Bachelor's degree in psychology, computer science, engineering, statistics, or related fields, or a professional certificate in data science.
  • Experience working in psychology or a social science lab.
  • Knowledge of advanced computational methods (e.g., natural language processing, structural equations modeling, machine learning).
  • Experience applying social science research to solving real-world problems.
  • Experience with the tidyverse workflow in R.
  • Working knowledge of GitHub.
  • Working knowledge of Shiny Apps.



  • Self-starter with the ability to work on multiple projects relating to different topics at once.
  • Thrives in a fast-paced work environment.
  • Collaborative, intellectually humble, and has an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Mission-aligned (to create wiser and less polarized communities, institutions, and societies).