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Posted over 1 year ago

Database Engineer

$ 30k/Year ($ 15/Hour for 40 hours of productive work per week)
Remote Position


Interested in being a part of the Database Engineering team to come up with new ideas to continuously improve our cloud-based SaaS systems? Are you inspired to optimize our database administration, and also enhance the service levels of our database products?

Do you have the passion and ambition to grow your Database skills, make decisions based on metrics and challenge yourself on a variety of products? If you can adapt to our roles and can learn new ideas and concepts to solve business problems, then this role may be for you.

We are looking for experienced Database engineers to join our Consolidation DB team to support migrating new acquisitions or our Central DB team to focus on performance improvement and cost optimization.

“I've grown professionally more than expected since I joined Crossover. I started as an Architect, then was promoted to Chief Architect and after a year became SEM. It all went so fast! I escalated the ladder and got the opportunity to face challenges I never imagined before.”
-Carlos R, Chief Architect
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