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Posted over 1 year ago

**We are Embrace**

More than 300 organizations, such as health care institutions, municipalities, social housing associations, educational institutions, and businesses use Embrace software to communicate with each other, to help customers, and to share information and knowledge between staff, customers, and suppliers.

Since 2010 we have been developing social intranets, solutions for omni-channel front offices for housing associations and housing allocation. We do this with 150 professionals in the Netherlands and Germany, with offices in Best, Groningen, Sneek, Zeist, Braunschweig (Germany), and Sofia (Bulgaria).

**Work on something meaningful**

Using our software, citizens, and tenants are supported by helpdesks, online agents, and self-service apps. Our software is truly making people's lives better. Unlike many startups we have a solid business model. Our customers pay for licenses and custom development, we're profitable, and we invest in innovation, research and development.

**We are looking for**

An experienced, down-to-earth, and friendly C#/.NET developer.


* Several years of C#/.NET experience.
* You live in the EU.
* You will be on our payroll or work as a full-time independent contractor.

**Recruiters & agencies: please do not contact us.**

# Responsibilities
You are a seasoned C#/.NET developer:

* You are able to handle large, complex chunks of code.
* You are a life-long learner.
* You come up with solutions for our architecture, performance, and testing.
* You insist on writing test code and conducting thorough code reviews.
* You are accustomed to work with people in different roles such as product owners, project managers, tech leads, QA engineers, and other team members.
* You structure your team/work based on project management methodologies such as Scrum, Agile, or Squads.
* You like to teach less-senior developers to become better coders.
* You know what works–and what doesn't–as a developer, and are not afraid to voice your opinion to make things better.

# Requirements
**Tech stack**

You know your way around in:

* C#
* .NET
* MS SQL Server

It'd be great to know a few things about:

* React & Angular
* Elasticsearch
* RabbitMQ
* SignalR
* Azure DevOps
* NuGet
* GraphQL en REST
* Kubernetes


Embrace has developed three products:

* Embrace Digital Workspace (an intranet product used by government agencies, healthcare institutes, social housing associations, and businesses)
* Umbrella (an omni-channel front-office product for social housing associations)
* easyMatch (a property inventory platform for social housing associations)

A team of about 70 developers are working on these three products.

**What will you do?**

We are hiring a senior, all-round C#/.NET developer. Once you have met our teams, and worked with our products you'll join a squad best matching your skills and interests.

We are hiring for various squads:

* Back-end development
* Front-end development
* Full Stack development
* QA & testing
* DevOps/monitoring/altering
* Infrastructure
* Internal tools

We apply the Spotify model (squads, chapter leads, et cetera). It's possible to join a squad, get to know the other squads before settling for the most obvious place to do your work.

**Our perks**

* Great working environment
* Competitive salary
* Travel allowance
* Pension plan
* A yearly training budget
* 25 days' paid annual leave per year (when working 5 days a week)
* Flexible working hours