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Posted about 2 years ago

Overview Developer Support Engineer – EMEA – Remote OK Algolia was built to help users deliver an intuitive search-as-you-type experience on their websites and mobile apps. We provide a search API used by thousands of customers in more than 100 countries. Billions of search queries are answered every month thanks to the code we push every day into production. We’re looking for a Developer Support Engineer to assist our technical customers with implementing and supporting Algolia in a variety of web and mobile development technical stacks. As part of our engineering team, you will be focused on helping our customers solve their implementation issue. Whether it’s helping a developer trying to build the next big thing in their garage, or Fortune 500 companies (like Medium, Twitch from Amazon, LVMH, …) focused on providing a world-class experience to their millions of users. As a developer support engineer you will partner with the solutions engineering, customer success, product and engineering teams. You will be one of the first hires of this new (remote-first) team and have the unique opportunity to kick-start and scale a brand new branch of the company. Our team and company goal is to provide the best support experience 24/7, all around the world (follow-the-sun). That’s why we are looking for candidates willing to work in the CEST time zone where our support coverage needs to be optimized. The team is currently composed of one person in the US (Atlanta), one person in France (Nantes). The ideal candidate will be a technical, organised, patient and an excellent communicator who enjoys teaching & enabling other developers to be successful. We accept candidates legally authorized to work in France, the UK or Czech Republic (remote OK). Application challenge ⚙️ We created this small challenge to give everyone more chances to apply for this job, please provide an answer on the application page. — Customer Cindy from MegaCorp is writing to their cloud database provider at [email protected] about an error on their website. CloudDatabase is a cloud database provider (surprise!). Most people use it as a secondary database to their main non cloud primary database (as a replica or follower for example). As a developer support engineer of, your goal is to write an answer to Cindy to help her figure out the issue. It’s ok to make assumptions on the ressources you have at Cindy’s LinkedIn says she is an engineering manager at The support tool of CloudDatabase identified this customer as an enterprise customer. —- Email from customer: From: [email protected] Subject: URGENT! Duplicate data in database results Body: Hi, since today 9am, without any change in our own code your database service is failing and not working well. When I am viewing my website I see duplicate results from your database everywhere and I do not understand why. I think your service is broken. We have not changed anything in our code. Two days ago we did migrate to a new hosting provider but that should not have an impact because we also migrated our syncing mechanism to your database. I have looked at your status page and everything is up and green. Please fix this asap because it’s impacting our business! —- YOUR ROLE WILL CONSIST OF: Work with external developers through email, chat and our community forum to solve their technical implementation problems Develop tooling (using Node.js), processes and work closely with the developer experience team to enable the best possible developer support experience at scale When feasible and after training, maintain and contribute to the Algolia API clients, tools and libraries like InstantSearch.js Partner with the engineering and product team to identify bugs, interesting features, and help define the future of search technologies Contribute to internal and external knowledge bases YOU MIGHT BE A FIT IF YOU HAVE: Strong desire to help people solve problems with the ability to explain complex concepts to a broad audience Comfortable with writing code in a few different languages (JavaScript, Java, PHP, C#, Objective-C, Swift, Ruby, Python, …). You don’t have to be a master in each language, you will also learn them while working here Two years coding experience in a professional environment Experience as a software engineer building web or mobile apps Good organisation skills and ability to work autonomously Good written and verbal communication skills (English) Empathy and patience, we help people with different skill sets across multiple continents, we must adapt to them to provide the best answers France, UK, Czech Republic work permit and willing to work in one of those countries. We expect candidates to be able to provide support in office hours (~9am-6pm CEST timezone) A TYPICAL DAY AS A DEVELOPER SUPPORT ENGINEER: Get to the closest Algolia office, a co-working space or your home office As a support engineer, the most important task is catching up with support tickets. Your goal is to answer and close all of them. In the #team-support slack room you find messages from your fellow remote coworkers about most important tickets to follow up and anything that will help you solve them Maybe you organise a quick video call with one of your colleague: as a remote worker it’s important to get a sense of belonging by having in person video calls. After triaging and answering all tickets, you catch up with email and other slack rooms for important communication or events of the company It’s time for lunch! After lunch, since support tickets are answered, you can focus back on this support dashboard you have been starting. It’s built in Node.js like many of our support tools. The frontend is a React application that gives the support team as sense of achievements by providing numbers, metrics on how this week of support is going compared to the previous one. It’s a good feeling to also be coding for the company. NICE TO HAVE: Prior experience in customer support, technical solutions, engineering, or other technical position Experience supporting open-source projects & their GitHub communities A demonstrated history of going the extra mile for customers WE’RE LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WHO CAN LIVE OUR VALUES: GRIT – Problem-solving and perseverance capability in an ever-changing and growing environment TRUST – Willingness to trust our co-workers and to take ownership CANDOR – Ability to receive and give constructive feedback CARE – Genuine care about other team members, our clients and the decisions we make in the company HUMILITY- Aptitude for learning from others, putting ego aside. BENEFITS Private Medical Insurance Life and Disability Insurance Business Travel Insurance Relocation support Company Canteen (high standard) Flexible work hours (when feasible given support schedule) and unlimited time off PERKS Competitive pay and equity Your choice of computer, phone, keyboard, headphones, you name it. Everything you need to be efficient Coaching and sponsorship to participate and speak at leading industry conferences Ongoing professional education opportunities through internal & external workshops, including public speaking, language learning (English/French) Fun: we spend time together — team building, socializing and making tools that encourage getting to know teammates across offices and continents. Charitable contribution matching Unique referral rewards program: refer a candidate, and we’ll donate to your charity of choice Corporate flats available for the first months of relocation and when you travel to different offices Fully stocked kitchens Team workouts Meals & happy hours