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Posted over 1 year ago

The elevator pitch

Take the lead on fully automating our DevOps and be part of our international and collaborative team of curious remote developers building consumer tech front-ends in React/React-Native and complex infrastructure backend in Node.js (microservices).

We’re looking for a DevOps developer that can craft and implement a fully automated CI/CD pipeline and institutional deployment at (massive) scale.

About you ‍‍

We’re excited to tell you about Aula and what we’re working on, but first of all, let us explain who we’re looking for. The most important thing about you is that you are curious and care deeply about building great products that affect people’s lives. You are excited about joining a startup with all the ups and downs that entails. You are transparent, reliable and considerate. You are excited about shipping quickly. You are excited about trying out the newest technologies. You are ready to work hard to further our mission.

Beyond this, our requirements are:

* A passion for making developers’ lives easier and happier

* Thorough knowledge of CI/CD Tooling

* Programming experience in Node.js

* Comfortable with infrastructure as code and deployment to public clouds

* Extensive experience in designing Unix/Linux system architecture

* Deep expertise in deploying cloud solutions (AWS etc)

* Solid experience with containerisation technologies (Docker, Kubernetes)

* Experience with Terraform and other Hashicorp products.

* Experience with production databases management and deployments

* You live within GMT-5 and GMT+5.5 (from South America/Central US time to India, Pakistan and some of Russia) for us to be awake at the same time.

About us

Aula is a communication platform for education. Think ‘Slack for education’: consumer tech on the front-end yet complex infrastructure on the back-end. We’ve built Aula because we believe digital learning infrastructure should encourage community and participation-based learning.

For students, this means less one-way communication from the teacher, more collaboration with fellow students (using integrations with tools like GitHub and codepen) and easier access to student services like the welfare team - even if you’re commuting or are away from campus on a placement. We’ve recently raised a $4.2m seed round and some people think we’re worth watching out for.

Our team

We’re a bunch of people from all over the world (Denmark, Philippines, France, Albania, Georgia, Pakistan, Sweden, India, UK and US) that care deeply about making educational experiences more engaging. Our developers have previously lead teams that have built things like the Georgian version of Youtube ( with 2.5 million monthly unique viewers) and a novel way to share and view 3D medical images (TissueStack), so beyond focusing on creating a supportive and collaborative environment where features get shipped quickly, we also have quite a bit of experience.

You’ll be working closely with your team so we thought you should hear from two of your future team members, Oliver and Brice.

We are backed by a world-class team of investors such as Project A, Nordic Makers (an angel group including Co-founders of Unity and Zendesk) and executives from LinkedIn and IBM.

Our tech stack

We only use the bleeding edge tools to build educational infrastructure of the 21st century. We’ve explained it in more detail in this blog post, but here’s a quick overview of what we’re building with:

* React (and React Native)

* Microservices backends with Node.js and AWS

* Docker

* ES6/7 Javascript

* Redux

* Mongo, Redis and others dbs

For DevOps in particular, you’ll be working with tools like

* Terraform (‘infrastructure as code’)

* Multiple database types

* General Javascript including Node.js

* Docker


* Our internal CLI

Working at Aula

We think the most important variable in choosing a job is getting the chance to work on complex and important problems with friendly and curious people in a collaborative environment.

But beyond that, joining Aula also means

* A rare opportunity to build a DevOps setup from the ground up

* Being part of a fast-paced and mission-driven startup made up of a creative, friendly and international team.

* Plenty of responsibility, autonomy and encouragement to shape your own tasks and contribute original ideas.

* A supportive environment with an intense focus on learning and improvement

You’ll be doing pair programming, have one-on-ones where we speak about how to develop you both as a programmer and a leader, and occasionally jump on a video call and share a ‘remote meal’ while a team member speaks about a topic they care about. Once a month we also have ‘Mad Computer Science Idea’-day, where the entire team gets together to create something that has never been created before or using some tech that’s usually not used for that purpose.

The role

We’re looking for a seasoned developer that can take the lead on creating a fully automated DevOps setup to make our developer team really happy.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll be working on:

* Infrastructure deployment/management:

* Management of our current infrastructure.

* Monitoring of our resources: dozens of network interfaces, hundreds of servers, dozens of databases, etc.

* Deployment of new infrastructure resources (new institutional environments)

* Tooling

* Integrate all the automation around infrastructure/deployments into the Aula-CLI

* Create new tools to ease other developers’ lives/deployments

* Deployment/test pipeline

* Create/maintain the right pipeline in order to ensure maximal automation around running our tests and deployments

* Full CI/CD pipeline

We already use a number of solutions for automating repetitive and/or critical tasks. All our infrastructure is managed via Terraform, and we’ve built a custom CLI that automates deployments, automates parts of the development and allow for easy troubleshooting and local development.

A big part of the role is to continue building on top of those existing tools and to bring new ones that would fit our environment and needs.

2 main rules:

* Infrastructure as (reusable) code

* Automate all the things!


* Personal development is part of being 'a high performer'. Each quarter, you'll set targets for your own personal development.

* Shared ownership: Joining the Aula journey means you will own part of the company.

* Technology: Get hooked up with the technology you need to do your best work. 

* Free books: Whatever you want to read.  

* Family leave: We offer enhanced family leave, no matter if you're the one giving birth or not - and a commitment to open, continuous communication.

* Flexible working

* Company retreats

Interview process

Get an overview of our untraditional and mostly async interview process here.

Please write 'I breathe semicolons.' before your answer to the first application question so that we know you have read the whole job description!

Look forward to hearing from you,

The Aula team