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Posted almost 2 years ago

Knack's goal is to democratize data and make it easy for for anyone to unlock the power of their data with apps, workflows, and integrations.We're hiring a AWS/DevOps/SRE engineer to help us build, manage, and optimize a container-based infrastructure for deploying thousands of database-driven applications.This role can encompass multiple titles like DevOps, SRE, and Systems Engineering. We’re less interested in conforming to a specific title, and more interested in a passion for using systems and infrastructure to help build a great product.Regardless of title, the following are core responsibilities: Manage and improve our AWS infrastructure, implementing best practices, evaluating AWS offerings, and deploying infrastructure resources. Develop processes to scale and automate our infrastructure using container-based systems. Monitoring hundreds of instances: database servers, API servers, custom servers... you name it! Reduce barriers for engineers to deploy and optimize systems. In addition, there’s room to make a major impact in multiple areas: Help optimize for security, speed, and redundancy across all points of the AWS stack. Build tools and processes to help us detect and respond to operational issues more quickly. Increase performance visibility by working on our metrics and logging infrastructure. Improve and optimize resource monitoring and emergency response handling. We’re not expecting expertise in each category. You’ll be working with a team of full-stack engineers that are willing and able to collaborate and participate in this work. Ultimately we’re looking for someone who has a passion for quickly leveraging and optimizing new technology, implementing best practices, and building world-class systems at scale.Our stack AWS - we’ve drunk the kool-aid and use AWS across the board. Salt, Sensu, Graylog, Elasticsearch - provisioning, monitoring, and logging Node.js - APIs and backend development Kubernetes, Docker, ECS - tentative container exploration MariaDB, MongoDB, Solr, Redis - data persistence Github, Jenkins, Ghost Inspector, Mocha - deployment and testing How we work Execute: this isn't a management position. This means you'll be executing your craft and shipping improvements every day. Contribute: we want our engineers to make an impact on the Knack product. This means you're not just implementing other’s specifications. You’re developing ideas, making suggestions, and keeping on top of new tech to understand opportunities. Engage: we expect a high level of engagement with decision-making, specifications, and consensus. You'll be expected to propose ideas, defend them, and contribute feedback to others. Learn and grow: we do code-reviews, pair-programming, lunch-and-learns, and use every opportunity to teach and learn. RemoteOur work is 100% remote. We use GitHub, Slack, Trello, Google Docs and Google Hangouts to get our work done. As a remote company we optimize around asynchronous communication. We also realize that in-person communication is often going to be the most effective means to get something done.About YouAbove all, you build things. You have a history of starting --and completing-- projects, whether that’s products, applications, games, libraries, or plugins.You’re both a teacher and a learner. You’re not afraid to admit when someone may know more than you. You have the confidence to help others level up.You’re an outstanding communicator. You can document a problem, and clearly and succinctly outline a solution. You’re not afraid to distill things into plain English for teammates and customers.You have experience working in fast-paced environments, prioritizing and balancing multiple projects, and working with cross-functional teams.You want to work on a product you can be proud of that impacts thousands of people all over the world, from non-profits to the world’s biggest companies.You go all in. You want to do your best work, and have that work make an impact.This isn’t for everyone, but for the right fit this will be the definitive experience of your career. Our goal will be to ensure you are driven and supported to continuously grow and do your best work.More info: at Knack: