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Posted about 1 year ago

FineTune is seeking a DevOps engineer to develop on our educational platform. In close partnership with CollegeBoard, we serve millions of high school students and their teachers every day. Our 100% remote team is highly diverse, talented, and experienced, with a shared passion for the quality of the product we create and a commitment to being the kind of good-natured team everyone loves to be on.

Our platform is a Python/Flask backend with a React frontend on AWS. We utilize Docker, Terraform, Ansible, and AWS among other tools/services.  We value excellent communication and interpersonal skills, both for the benefit of our own interactions within the team and because of every engineer has a direct relationship with our partners at CollegeBoard.

Here are some qualities we value

* An appreciation of and ability to work cross-culturally as we are a fully distributed, diverse, and inclusive community.

* Responsibility and self-motivation so that we can trust you to work hard without a lot of oversight, but also to reach out for help when needed.

* Highly collaborative and eager to help out other engineers, QA, and anyone else who needs help. We’re nice to each other and want to keep it that way. Bonus points for a good sense of humor.

* Having sound engineering fundamentals.

* Desire to continuously, learn, improve, and grow.

* Experience in relational schema and data migrations with the ability to optimize indexes and data for database performance