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Posted 4 months ago

About us: First Boulevard is a Digitally native, unapologetically Black, neobank built to eradicate the wealth gap in America. Black America has been underbanked, unbanked and underserved for centuries. First Boulevard empowers Black America to take control of their $1.4T in annual economic impact while also being fully inclusive and welcoming of all other communities.

The Senior DevOps Engineer is a key member of our small engineering team and contributes to helping to build the First Boulevard mobile app. You will be responsible for securing and technically managing our mobile app and ensuring a seamless and secure experience for all First Boulevard users. 


Responsibilities Include:

  • Drive improvements to the software development and deployment process of our proprietary applications and services
  • Collaborate with software engineers and security experts to ensure that the right practices are in place and to take the security lead on automating the path to production to enable
  • Deploy changes in a highly secure manner.
  • Work closely with the engineering, product, infosec and department heads to understand the priorities to create a roadmap to ensure world-class uptime and development environments
  • Design and implement Security Integrations within a CI/CD pipeline
  • Write automation code for provisioning and operating infrastructure at massive scale, aiming for 100% automation in DevOps processes.
  • Be part of a the founding team responsible for design and implementation of infrastructure and security architecture, including security groups, network firewalls, WAF and IDS
  • Work very closely with the InfoSec, Operations and Engineering teams to craft and enforce security policy as relates to DevOps, infrastructure and more
  • Establish and promote good practice for managing information technology and information security risk, providing support, advice and information where required
  • Help prevent security incidents and respond effectively to them when they happen
  • Audit and strengthen existing infrastructure, automation, code and process
  • Create process to scale the First Boulevard DevOps infrastructure


Qualifications and Skills Required:

  • 10+ years DevOps related work
  • 5+ years cloud experience
  • 3+ AWS experience
  •  Software development experience is a plus
  • Fintech and/or startup experience
  • Experience building and managing release systems, code merging and promotion, and ci/cd workflows and tools (circleci)
  • Expertise with the common cloud providers, ideally Amazon Web Services.
  • Experience with Mobile Device and Application Security
  • Strong knowledge of containerization solutions like Docker, AWS ECS, Kubernetes, Openshift, Fargate
  • Experience with advance messaging technologies such as AWS MSK, SQS, Kinesis, or similar technologies.
  • Good understanding of CI/CD processes and tools, e.g., AWS CodePipeline & CodeBuild, or Jenkins.
  • Experience with database setup and configuration such as AWS Aurora, ElastiCache, DynamoDB, Openshift
  • Experience with software development methodologies and software development life cycles.
  • Experience with monitoring and observability tools, e.g., Prometheus, Grafana, ELK/EFK, OpenTracing.
  • Good understanding of traditional enterprise technology stack and enterprise networking concepts.
  • Good understanding of Agile software development framework (e.g., Scrum) and tools (e.g., Jira).
  • Knowledge of API security and best practices
  • We would be additionally interested if you have experience in any of the following: 
  • Unix scripting
  • API testing tools, ex: Soap UI / Insomnia REST
  • Monitoring tools, ex: SumoLogic



  •  Experience in supporting financial services systems
  •  Experience with managing consumer PII data
  •  Knowledge of PCI compliance
  •  Supported ML pipeline
  • Snowflake experience
  • Core Python/Clojure or background in Clojure development