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Posted 5 months ago

**FT, remote position, non-US based, EST hours**\n\n- An innovative, remote-first company (8 years) considered to be the crème de la crème of our industry with strong brand recognition\n- A leader in the adult space (softcore) with a radical approach towards being the best, staying the best, then doing better\n- A tight-knight team of we-can-make-the-world-better believers that's highly passionate and proud of our unique brand\n- A company that lives and breathes our philosophy of each team member is critically important\n\n**The perks**\n- Competitive salary w/ regular increases\n- Flexible work/life balance (and we really mean it)\n- Liberal paid personal time off (holidays and scheduled vacations)\n- Advanced learning / career development options (while on the clock)\n- Dream home-office environment (initial set-up and annual upgrades)\n- Streaming music subscription w/bad-ass headphones (duh!)\n\nIf you're tired of boring repetitive jobs and want to be part of a friendly, passionate team that's crazy talented, we'd love to talk to you.\n\n# Responsibilities\n We have a significant amount of technical debt that we need to overcome and eliminate. It will be a challenge to understand, analyze, propose and execute solutions to modernize our infrastructure and automate our DevOps processes.\n\nYou'll start using cloud infrastructure automation, scalable continuous integration, deployment pipelines and containerization. You get to be a rockstar by evaluating the best technical setup for the future, choosing the right software and tools for the migration.\n\nOur tech department is going through a big transition and this will be our first DevOps hire. You'll help them transition from the old stack to a new one. You get to choose the tools and technology that you like to use and take ownership of the project. The ideal candidate would not mind managing the current infrastructure until they are fully transitioned and automated. \n\n# Requirements\n**Most Important**\n- Self-disciplined and thrive in a remote working environment (yes, you can do laundry while spinning up a server)\n- You love finding elegant solutions to technical challenges and architecture design\n- You get excited about evaluating technical setup options so we can scale like mad\n- Your heart pumps faster when you think about improving our processes to make deployment and iteration quicker and easier\n- You have excellent references and a history of trust and established relationships in former careers\n- You have a long history and track record of DevOps that can be demonstrated via GitHub, blogs and/or in a technical interview process\n\n- 3+ years of experience in software development\n- Strong background in managing and maintaining large scale Linux environments\n- Experience troubleshooting and managing manually provisioned servers until we are fully in the cloud\n- Experience upgrading legacy software and migrating services into the cloud\n- Experience solving problems at scale (millions of monthly visitors)\n- Experience with configuration management tools such as Ansible\n- Proficiency in scripting languages e.g. Python or Shell\n- Experience with CI tools e.g. Jenkins, Gitlab CI\n- Experience with monitoring and error reporting tools\n- Experience with Nginx, Apache, Mysql, Mongodb, Redis, Varnish\n- Experience with Docker\n\n**Nice to have**\n- Experience with Kubernetes\n- Experience with complex PHP applications, interpreting stack traces and debugging errors\n \n\n#Location\n- Located outside of US